Which districts or cities have you ever visited in India? What were their specialities?

Bombay: Relentless rains, ticking trains with numbing crowds(aamchi locals), Pav bhaji for Rs 4, bustling streets with sweet smell of baking as early as Six, the posh pavements of marine drive, blinding lights of horse carts near Gateway, the Colonial Colaba with its cosmopolitan crowds in restaurants of their native cuisine, and finally the great Ganesh festival.

Pune: Big Banyans by the roadside, Clean Cantonment, Warm people, temperate weather, Fergusson and Symbiosys offers sights of its own, the famous Phoenix. On the outskirts there are table top mountains and the lush western ghats ideal for camping, trekking and holidaying like Lonavala and Kandala.

Chennai: Coffee served in tumblers, Kilometer wide beaches, Fabulous flyovers, Breakfast at Sarvana Bhavan, snake park and crocodile park. Several colonial structures some over 200 years old; churches, temples, Madras university, Railway station and High Court. The IIT is an amazing campus, you can feed pizzas to deers, they will eat them off you hand. Imagine what ecosystem it takes, that's how green it is. Not to forget the Summer through the year.

Hyderabad: Native urdu-hindi (samaj ayi na miyan!), the best Biriyani, Charminar and its look alikes, alongside the medieval merchants of old city selling pearls, bangles, carpets, and attars (perfumes). Movie at Prasad's IMAX and night drive along the necklace road around Hussain Sagar. Salar Jung Museum, the beautiful view of the city from Birla temple and galactic journey inside the planetarium. The unbeatable Irani chai and Osmani biscuit.

Bangalore: Best bakeries, including the street side Iyengar ones. Rich restaurants of Kormangla and mega-malls of Whitefield. A decade ago it had the finest weather and roads so green I would walk over a mile on a mid-summer noon. Today, its roads choke with endless traffic, luckily there are still pockets that retain the old wine, still decent weather for an Indian city. Shopping on brigade road and finally the infinite pubs, many having their own breweries to end the day.

Fort Kochi: Where art meets streets, there are portraits on walls and paintings on the roads like literally and I am not referring to graffitti which is probably the best in the country. There are art galleries on every street. Time worn trees, ancient churches that look more like temples and meat biriyani at kayees. Clean air, good water, bashing rains. The men with their moustaches and women with kohl on wide round eyes are an absolute sight. Again summer through the year.

Jaisalmer: The view of Jaisalmer fort atop any building in the town(it is huge and stands on a hill). The intricate designs on the walls of the fort. The street singers who ask your name and compose a song on you and sing extemporaneously. The snake charmers and pupeteers. The night view of the fort entirely lit up. The only thing warmer than the weather are the people. The desert part of the town has one heck of a sunset after a back breaking camel ride.

Srinagar: The peace of morning boat ride on Dal lake. Surrounded by snow clad Himalayas(not just any mountains) and the lake covered with water lilies. Lying on the shikhara(boat) only to the sounds of birds chirping and the lapping of the oar on the water. The Floating market by 5:00 am selling from vegetables and flowers to food and jewelry. Sun rise at 4:00 am and sunset at 8:00 pm. The dangerous road to Zero point along the notorious Zojila pass, where for most part only three tyres are touching the road. The perceptible drop of temperature at sunset.

As mentioned in Profile, I like to travel and has traveled to 10 states of India and 3 union Territories .

They are

  1. Maharashtra- Mumbai
  2. Gujarat- Vadodara, Dwaraka
  3. Delhi
  4. Punjab- Amritsar, Attari
  5. Haryana- Kurukshetra , Sonepat
  6. Andhra Pradesh- Tirupati, Chitoor
  7. Tamil Nadu- Chennai,Kanyakumari,Thanjavur,Madurai,Kumbakonam
  8. Karnataka- Bangalore, Mangalore ,Udupi .Murudeshwar
  9. Uttarakhand-Haridwar,Dehradun
  10. Kashmir- Srinagar,Jammu,Gulmarg,Katra
  11. Chandigarh
  12. Goa
  13. Uttar Pradesh - Agra,Vridavan,Mathura
  14. Kerala My own state - Almost everywhere.


  • Pune- My Love

The trifecta:

  • Delhi- Historic sites- Red Fort, Qtab Minar, Bahai Lotus Temple
  • Agra- Taj Mahal , Akbar's Tomb
  • Jaipur - pink everywhere. Beautiful palaces , Amer Fort,

South India:

Chennai - Kapaleeshwar Temple, Santhome Church, Marina Beach, Madras Music Academy, (drive to) Mahabalipuram, Kancheepuram Silk saris, Bharatanatyam, Carnatic music, Madras coffee

Mysore: Mysore Maharaja Palace

Bangalore : Lal Bagh gardens, Silicon Valley of India

Coimbatore: Cool Temps, Hot Spots: Excursions from Coimbatore, automotive industry

Kumbakonam: Tanjore artwork and temples, birthplace of Srinivasa Ramanujan, kumbakonam south Indian coffee

Kochin : Lulu Mall, Jew Town, chai

Vaikom- Vaikom Shiva Temple, drive to Kumarakom for the houseboat experience

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