Which do you think has a better ecosystem Google or Apple?

There is no question. Apple.

While Google is trying to catch up in the ecosystem department, they aren't there yet. The way your contacts, notes, calendars, mail, and browsing history (among other things) just magically appear in sync on all your Apple devices is truly remarkable. It means you don't have to go around thinking about whether or not you scheduled that appointment on your phone, or was it your iPad - no I remember, it was my MacBook (or was it my iMac?) That never happens with Apple.

If you use iCloud for your documents, it gets even better as all your spreadsheets, Pages documents, and Keynote presentations also available to all your devices. You can get this with Dropbox, and to be sure, Google has their Google Drive. But it all works so much more seamlessly on Apple products.

Apple's is seamless, I cannot lie, it just works.
I am not entirely an Apple user, My laptop is a Macbook Air, My desktop is an AMD powered PC, My phone is a Galaxy S7 Edge, My TV is a Samsung Smart TV which offers Google services and not Apple's.

The only piece of tech which works on all of these is Google's and that's what makes Google the winner for me, it's there, it's easy to access and it's synced across everywhere. Infact, I use little of Apple's services, so I cannot be judgmental if Google's is the better one. The closed down eco-system that Apple has had never appealed to me. I use Spotify for music, which I have on my TV, my laptop, my PC and my phone. Most of Apple's services doesn't extend to my other devices.

For me it has to be choice, Even if I get an iPhone or an iMac Pro down the line, I can still have Google cover my ass.

There Are Both Pros And Cons On the Both Ecosystem

Google - IT gives You The Best Experience in terms of Features And Compatibility and It is for some Hacker

Apple - IT give You The Safest And Smoothest experience which I think If Any Use To It It's maybe The impossible to Go To Another Ecosystem Because it's too easy but It has Less Feature But Safest than Google

Google offers an open ecosystem while Apple has a closed one and to use it, you need devices like the iPhone, Watch, Macbook ... and they work well together.

You can connected different techs to each other with Google services and get them to work together like the Apple ecosystem but it takes some work and it's not easy for a newbie.

Shall I buy a JioFi 3 or JioFi 2 device?

I have used all the JioFi devices, including the first one which never reached consumers. From my experience, JioFi2 > JioFi3 >> JioFi_OLDBetter to go for JioFi2, even though JioFi3 has more advanced features like full digital display. From my experience, JioFi2 catches signal better, gives better speed and better battery life, even though its very compact.

When you think you will get married?

Never. I don't believe in this model where this is mandatory that you have to get married and have family. I just want to live, work for my bread and butter. May be, travel different places. I feel more comfortable and safer when I am alone. Just don't want any kind of attachment to anything or someone.