Which incident changed the way you think?

I would like to share an experience here which happened to me some 17 years ago in Chennai, India.

The below incident changed the way I think about books and piracy in general.

I saw a person selling books on a footpath next to a building. And a group of people surrounding him, almost all were youngsters. I went to him. He had a few books piled up for sale. Looking at the paper quality, I knew it was new but pirated copies.

The immediate feeling I had was excitement. ‛Wow, I could buy some news books for cheap' was the only thought which came to my mind.

Browsing through the books, very curiously and eagerly I asked the seller, ‘Brother, do you have Dan Brown's Angels and demons??' The book had just been released and was creating a lot of hype everywhere at that time.

This question kind of pissed him off. He just stopped whatever he was doing and gave a long stare at my face. He said 'Thambi (brother) , Do you know I have a book shop inside this building (points to the adjacent building). I am in the verge of closing it down. I sell original books there but no one buys. As soon as I am here with pirated copies, You see the crowd! ' He said with a hint of sadness and disgust, ‘I don't like what I am doing now, but I too have mouths to feed and bills to pay.'

Those words put me to shame. I left that place with out replying a word. I didn't buy any of those books.

I did not care about the struggles the authors faced, the amount of time and effort spent in researching and writing, the situation of publisher and all that. I was only bothered about myself, how to get a book I want, and enjoy reading it which have now changed. Thanks to the bookseller.

The profits should go to the right and deserving owner. Stop piracy.

Many incidents has changed my way of thinking for both the genders...

I am from rural background where i could not have much interaction with girls. Basically i'm very shy person that's why I don't have much female friend. But on 17 dec 2017 i met a girl that later on she became my girlfriend. (At present i am not in the relationship with her because of some family issues from her side). Our relationship spanned almost eight months. That period of time i was able to know about a girl. What is the problem faced by her, how to make her happy in difficult time and also what is the my responsibility to her. So many things I have learned from her and that period of time. From this incident I know why we should respect her.

Seriously this incident changes me as a person and increases my maturity level. She is not a toy whenever we can play with it. We should have known that our existence is by her.

By me this incident changed my way of thinking. I have just started to write in English language. Please pardon me if have made some mistakes.


When I lost my father, I was about 9 yrs old.

My mother's favorite hair style was a kind of low bun knot with a net covering it and a piece of jasmine around its base.

After my father's demise, this jasmine part was missing.

After pestering her, I was told that a widow is not supposed to wear jasmine or other flowers.

This finally led me to rational thinking. Thanks to many people who helped me indirectly for this.

The best ways to change your thinking.

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