Which is a better school Westmead Public School or Parramatta Public School?

If you stalk the school - looking at names on the school website or driving past the front gate at 855am you'll get a sense of the racial mix.

For example the website told me this month's book and principals awards went to:

Book Award

Sanvariya 5Z, Ritika 6C.

Principal's Award

Srihaas 3S, Atharv 2N, Yogi 5S, Ilham 4S, Ritika 6C, Martin 6T, Julian 4R, Haasini 3B, Ayesha 4B, Harshan 2L, Neena 6P, Jay 5F, Saami 5Z, Mustafa 4R, Kanishk 2L, Vanshika 2B, Adam 2F, Shenon 5S, Anoshka 3K, Dhruv 6C, Ayaan 4A, Prahit 2L, Sophia 5F, Jenny 1D, Kaan 2S.

There's a nice mix of names there.

From my sense as a resident (like you) in the wider district, there is certainly a noticeable Indian population in Wentworthville and Westmead and surrounds. Is the Parramatta school more middle eastern?

In terms of basic services, all the public schools in the area are basically the same.   You can have transient problems as schools adapt to changes and better/worse teachers cross your child's path.

It seems to me you are looking at a structural social problem. I have seen how significant social matters are for children (for anyone really) and it can derail any learning. And a big reason to go to school is to have healthy social experiences - otherwise many more would be home schooled.

I wonder if your child is struggling and feeling like an outsider. I know we all want to participate in diversity, but it's an uphill struggle for a kid to be in a small minority.

I hope that whatever you do it leads to happier times.

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