Which is better barbell front raise or dumbbell front raise?

Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Barbell Raise incorporates both sets of muscle groups at the same time, I would think that this coordinated muscle movement would make that muscle group stronger.

Dumbells isolate muscle groups, which makes each side work by itself. This strengthens each side independently.

I see no downside to either. If you are using this as part of your shoulder workout, the alternate days you use the lift. Bar one day, the next time Dumbells.

Is it better to exercise more times per week for a short time or fewer times per week longer?

Neither really , all sorts of routines will work, consistency is the key.If you take the 3 key variables of lifting, Intensity, Volume and Frequency.The more times a week option would be High Frequency but should be low volume per workout.And conversely the fewer times would be high volume low frequency.And in both options Intensity is variable.Its

Is it better to lift a 60 pound weight 75 times, or a 30 pound weight 150 times?

It basically depends on time under tension. Whatever weight challenges you enough to keep the time you need to complete a set within the hypertrophy range is the weight you need to work with. The total poundage thing only comes into play in

What is the smallest amount of money that would free you from the daily grind, and enable you to live comfortably?

I've been free of a daily grind for years. But, I have also been low on funds after my husband left and took my money.To answer your question, I inherited my mom's house and used it to buy my house, and invested the