Which is better mass gainer or weight gainer for skinny guys?

The best mass gainer for your body to gain weight is the natural diet which you can continue in long term.I suggest you to exercise and include following items in your diet which must contain combination of carbs(gives you energy& increases size) +proteins(increases muscles)+ healthy fats(increase size & makes growth faster)-


2-3 Bananas & any other fruit (apple) on alternate days

Sweet Potatoes


1/2 ltr milk

Other vegetables

Fats+ proteins -

1 tbspoon Peanut butter

4-5 whole eggs

150 gm Chicken leg piece

Paneer or Cheese cubes

1 cup yogurt

Handful of Nuts(Almonds & Walnuts)

Soya chunks any beans recipies

Is the saying "if you don't have something nice to say then don't say anything at all" confusing at times?

A beautiful day and nice pleasant things are definitely something to enjoy. Nice people are great. Greater when they think the same as they act.No, its not really confusing. It's not an all day long and every instance thing to live by. In a

How does a human not get bored for an 'eternity' in Heaven?

There are no humans in Heaven. To understand the spirit world requires the realization that you and your spirit, though closely aligned, are not synonymous.Spirits do not give any thought to being bored for eternity, for there is neither the concept of time nor the state of boredom in the spirit world. It is a

Do you watch your weight? What foods do you think are healthy?

I practice what I preach! Being a dietitan, if I am not having a healthy weight, I cannot ask my patients to maintain weight.Many of my patients used to request me