Which is the best 4G mobile to buy under 10k?

What exercises should I do to have a fit body?

It is inspiring to know that you desire to have a fit body in spite of the difficulties you face. Firstly to have a fit and healthy body it is both your exercise and nutrition plan which work hand in hand. If even one is not in place, you will not achieve the desired results.The second part is consistency.

What is it like to be raised by a typical Punjabi Indian mother?

It's a great experience . They give you a view of all spheres of life . They won't caress you with love everytime be ready for some action.On other hand my parents are always intrigued by what I learn they are great students

Which month is good to visit Kerala?

Kerala, The real God's Own Country is really beautiful and best to visit in various season. You can explore various places including backwater, waterfalls, museums, hills and wildlife etcBut the peak season to visit Kerala is September to April.This is a nice time to visit Kerala because:climate is good, not too much sunny