Which is the best book to start learning algorithms?

I have read books by Mark Allen, Udi Manber partly and CLRS completely. I think CLRS is probably the best book.

Introduction to Algorithms by CLRS is a pretty comprehensive book and starts from scratch. There is almost no pre-requisite for reading that book expect some basic high school math. The pseudo codes are much better and the math behind each and every data structure is explained is best way possible. The exercises at the end of each chapter are of sufficient difficult level. However if you are slow learner the amount of data in CLRS can be a little overwhelming.

Overall CLRS is the best book for a beginner. Check out my related answer here - What does Ashish Kedia think about the book 'Introduction To Algorithms by CLRS'? How he has studied the book?

What keeps you working out every day?

Here are some ideas I would like to mention here that help me.#1 Just get to the gym, just show up and get inside. At my gym they have these massage chairs. One time when I got to the gym with no motivation I said to myself,

I hear about muscle memory. Does that mean it won't take as long for me to gain muscle mass?

Not necessarily. It is absolutely possible to improve muscle memory (and thus gain strength and power output) without gaining any further muscle mass. I know this because I have done it myself.Here's how muscle memory works:Muscle memory refers to the ability of the motor cortex and

How to build your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance

The standard training method for this is HIIT training. That's High Intensity Interval Training.This has actually been around for a long time. When I was a young lad in high school in the 60s, we did