Which is the best country to work in as a doctor?

Very difficult to answer, since all those parameters vary quite a lot from country to country.

These are just a few thought where people say it's difficult or good to work as a doc:
The not so good stories are from:
-eastern Europe: for most the pay is low, so many are unsatisfied
-Italy: most medical specialist aren't paid so well
-UK: loss of control how to manage one's practice is said to lead to a lot of burn-out?
-Germany: working hours are long, secondary job benefits are less than e.g. in The Netherlands
-SE Asia: in the more developed countries working hours are long, income is good, social standing good.  I think in the poorer countries all is a lot less.
-China: pay is not good, long working hours.
From: Medscape Log In
This is from a survey on burn-out in Chinese vs US physicians:
                            • It is manageable and I'm not making any changes (36% vs 25%)
                            • It is manageable but I need to make some changes in hours/workload/etc. (52.2% vs 62%)
                            • I am thinking of leaving my current position (7.3% vs 7%)
                            • I am thinking of leaving medicine altogether (4.5% vd 5%)
Financial position Chinese vd US physicians:

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