Which is the best electric car purchase for India?

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I'd agree with Shweta that out of the options available presently the BMW i8 is an option that looks attractive , but it isn't a fully battery operated car. It is a hybrid car because it has an internal combustion engine which is supported by a battery operated engine too.

If you are looking at importing a car like the TESLA as indicated by Prabhu, it may be better to look at other options also , like the Nissan leaf,Hyundai Ioniq or the Ford focus - The ford Focus in fact looks like the Ford Figo Aspire click the following link


You will get a idea about the Ford Focus.

The Hyundai Ioniq is also a great option check it out on the following link


Another great option is the chevrolet Bolt electric , it has a better battery range than the Ford Focus electric or the Nissan Leaf and the hyundai Ioniq.

In case you do not wish to get into the hassle of imports , then the options available at present are the Mahindra e2o plus p4,p6,p8 , here's a link giving you a comparison on price features etc.


Don't worry so much about charging stations , there aren't any , except for your own home !

Soon there will be many , since the government is mulling over putting up an infrastructure for battery swapping stations where you will get a fully charged battery in exchange for a discharged battery , just like going to a petrol pump you will take this service.

There are a lot of new barriers being broken in battery technology where the batteries may be charged in 20 to 30 minutes- but this technology is not commercialized as yet , and will take a long time to appear in India.

My final suggestion- wait for some more manufacturers to get into the market - competition will drive each other to provide a better product.

If you are really keen on getting some electric vehicle immediately - try an electric scooter - with a running cost of just 10 paisa per km and mileage / range of electric scooters being at a level of 80 to 100 km per charge , with top speeds of upto 50 -55 kmph - they ar a great option.

You will save a lot of money with a running cost of Rs0.10 per km , and if you ride it for 250 km every month - the savings on petrol at Rs.4 per km if compared to a petrol car are enough to pay off an emi for the elctric scooter - so it is a free gift to yourself in a way !!!!!

If the electric scooter is for a lady - even better ! No more trips to petrol pumps manned by men only !!!!!

Check ou electric scooter prices on the following link


According to me BMWi8 the best option available in India, if you are looking to purchase an electric car. The car develops 131 bhp and a 250 Nm of ready torque. The i8 can go 0-100 kmph in 4.4 seconds. The top speed of the car is 250kmph however in the electric mode one can race up to 120 kmph! The Electric range is up to 37 Kms! This luxury car can be viewed at any of BMW dealership. You can visit BMW OSL Prestige dealership in Kolkata to take a look at the car, or you can book a test drive today.

There is no such "CARS" in India.

In India only Mahindra Manufacture electric car - REVA e2o . This is the only choice for Indian consumers as on date. This is a small car , and not enough to hold 4 people comfortably. Mahindra is also working on a Electric car based on Verito platform but there is no much info about when it will be available in market.

If you have lot of cash you can book a Tesla Model X m which will be built in US and delivered to India , but the infrastructure and charging stations are also something you have to look for .

The only 100% Electric Car Company in India is Mahindra Electric. It was Reva, which was acquired by Mahindra afterwards.

They do have few Options to choose from. Like the E2O plus, Verito, etc. But, I have seen a lot of negativity and hatred for Mahindra Electric after sales service.

I think, you should wait till 2020 for an affordable Electric Car which is ideal for Indian Market.

Infact, always avoid the version 1 of any Electric Car. Let the manufacturers get feedback from their buyers and then buy their Version 2.0

You'll save your money from being used as a Feedback for the EV companies. India is not yet ready for the EV revolution.

It is inevitable, and I guess, it would take 6–7 more Years for the whole Indian EV market to get matured.

Best is BMW i8 But it is too costly,next option for Indians Mahindra &Mahindra -Reva e20 and Mahindra &Mahindra everito and Tata Tiago ev

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