Which is the best mobile app for the latest fitness tips?

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I just lost 2 kgs in 3 months of gym, how do I lose more?

You need to have a control over your diet . Eat more times a day in small proportion. Avoid eatong anything four hours before sleeping. And yeah now your exercises.Your exercise plan should be mixed of HIIT and weight training. You

Should you do exercise even when you are feeling tired (I do exercise to meet the Apple Watch KCAL quota but today I feel so tired)?

Paradoxically, the fitter you are, the more accurate you biological responses. If there is nothing specific like missed sleep, it is a good idea to start for 5 minutes, and if you dont feel more energised, stop. Sometimes the body just needs extra recovery, but also it can behave like a mischevious dog, and try to

How many push ups does a ten year old boy have to do to develop a six pack?

My son at the age of 6 had a perfect set of abs and never did a routine of sit ups or push ups. I have to admit I was shocked and soooo jealous, LOL! Kids do have faster metabolisms and that means their bodies burn calories and fat faster thus allowing