Which is the best place to travel for a girl, as a first time traveller?

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Thachi Himachal Pradesh

    • Welcome to Thachi

If you ever wanted to visit Thachi, contact me. I will help you with almost everything you need , cause this is My Beautiful Place.

I wont say this is the most beautiful place for you but this is most beautiful place for me but still its almost to beautiful for you too if you are looking for peace and  taking a break from crowd and looking for some nature.

Thachi is is situated near to Great Himalayan national park .

Distt. Mandi ,  3 hours from Manali .

Check below google map link.

Google Maps

Thachi is calm and peaceful ,people are good in hospitality . Nothing no worry about at all , no crime record ever  at-least I have not heard of any.

  • In winters we are like,

Bithu Narayan temple thachi.

This is a very old temple , I do not know  how much old but trust me , this is ancient and still in use .

Check out these places if you are solo girl traveller:

  • Bali

The question has been raised under 'International Travel'.  I would suggest explore the South East Asia Circuit, as it has a charm and easier on the pocket too.  I would personally try out the Kingdom of Bhutan ...straight out of a fairy book, the people are friendly and perfectly safe.  The Indian Rupee value at par helps a lot, get a travel companion to share and bring down your costs...Choose the land border crossing from Jaigaon in W Bengal...Permit is issued for free...the 6 hour scenic drive to Thimphu on a comfortable 20 seater Toyota Coaster Bus is an adventure in itself.

Choose end March or Early April to get the best colors of the spring...though Bhutan is lovely for all seasons.

If you're looking for travel within India-

Try kerela or north east

Both of these states have literacy next to 100% and the reason for mentioning literacy here is that they have low crime rates against women which is the major concern with travelling alone. Both of these states are nature's paradise as well with beautiful and clean forests.

If you're looking for international travel-

There's no country beating Japan there. SAFEST for women. In my one year time span, I never heard a single case against women. NEVER. You'll love the people, the warm welcome, the places and ofcourse Disneyland to the say the least. 

Best destination for a solo traveling girl will be following :

1) Jaipur

2) Udaipur

3) Himachal Pradesh

4) Chandigarh

5) Mumbai

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