Which is the best smartphone to buy upto 35k Rupees?

2016 has not been a good year for many reasons such as the demonetisation debacle, Trump winning the presidential elections, Brexit, the J.N.U crisis and much more. However, 2016 has been a great year for smartphones and the tech world in general.

We saw innovations such as Google's first foray into smartphone hardware with the Pixel, the game changer Oneplus 3T, Samsung's S7/S7 Edge with their stunning cameras and the always famous Apple iPhone 7/7 plus.

Well anyways, Here I found a video that will answer your question. Have Look

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Do people have regret after getting a divorce? If yes, why and what do they regret?

Definitely they will regret , if they had mutual love in their marriage life. They will recall the memories spend together. They will think about the future plans they made together. The real depression point is their kids. They will really start worrying about their kids future life. If

What is the best age to get married for a boy in India and why?

Okay in India, I would say in your early twenties. And the boy should be in late twenties.In india, you can't enjoy your life without getting fingers pointed in your direction. Having your husband as a lover makes you actually acceptable.And since the boy is a little older than you, he knows the importance of freedom and is likely

What is expected from a girl after marriage?

EVERYTHING ;)Well, times are changing, and expectation differs when it comes from different people.There are factors which influence the expectation massively.Ideally, for a married couple, there should not be a consideration in terms of You and I, it's better if it's WE.Expectation from your partner/husband : He should