Which is the best waterproof smartphone under Rs. 10,000 in India?

First clarifying your question every phone are water resistant or waterproof. An only limited phone is water resistant and waterproof. In India, only more than 40k+ plus mobile are water resistant and waterproof. Rarely seen in under 40k. Because above flagship phone has no seen both water resistance and waterproof also is this technology is expensive right now. Till now it's impossible if have seen under 10k mobile device have snapdragon 845 is also a big thing.

If maybe in future can be seen 10k mobile devices have waterproof or water resistance.

Happy to Answer..

I Am currently using Xiaomi redmi 3s prime i bought it at a price of 8500. it is almost 2 years has been passed and i dropped My Smartphone by mistake in Water tub 2–3times & Naali 1 time.

however it didn't remain in it for more than 15 sec. because i pick it Simultaneously but with my experience I can say that all the Xiaomi smartphone Devices Comes With Midium level of water resistance That is very worth in under 10000 rupees. also it is running affluent As it was 2 years back. It has great speed,timely updates,Great Miui, great battery backup, good screen ( not as good as samsung j series), And overall great experience you get. It Is Robust & Could be your Long term mobile smartphone

So Go for Xiaomi Redmi Smartphones. Thanks

You should buy a moto phone because many of its phones comes with the splash resistant feature...like moto g5,g5s etc ....on the other hand for a ip rated water resistant phone you have to increase your budget to min 30k ...for oneplus phones or Samsung s series...

I'm not aware of any waterproof smartphone under 10k, however Motorola G5 Plus at 12k is splash proof-which means it could survive light exposure to rains or water.

Waterproofing among mainstream smartphones is only available from 40k in LG G7 ThinQ which has IP68 rating for waterproofing.

Moto X4 is waterproof phone . But it is priced 16k to 22k on amazon/flipkart depending on 32/64 gb model


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