Which is the cheapest way to explore Europe in terms of travel, hotel, etc.?

I'm not sure about travel and flights but I can help you with one thing - Best Hotel Deals. You can get lower prices through unpublished deals and exclusive network deals through the Hotel /network or an OTA.

Hotel rates tend to change very frequently. Unlike flights, you don't get the best prices for booking early. Hotels try to achieve maximum occupancy and tend to offer deals. Sometimes, they offer the lowest prices when you book closer to the date of stay. But you might risk losing out on the best options if you wait.

The best way to get the desired hotel at a lower price is to track the prices. You can do it manually by checking on Booking or Hotels .com or use services like Yapta. But, it's still complicated to sign up for a service, find the best hotels in a destination and track them regularly.

However, there's a smart alternative. Waylo uses AI to track and predict the lowest hotel rates. You can access Waylo through the chatbot for Facebook Messenger - m.me/thewaylo.

No sign up required, Waylo will help you find the best hotels in one chat - Enter your destination, date (Eg: Paris, 21 July) and Waylo will give you the best rated hotels in the destination with an option to book and track hotels directly from messenger.

The best part is that Waylo uses Artificial Intelligence to predict the lowest price for the same hotel room and lets you book today at that price. For example, if a Hotel is up for $200 on Expedia/Booking/Hotels .com, Waylo predicts that it might go as low as $120 from now to the date of stay and lets you book today at that price. Crazy! Isn't it? And you can book a hotel at it's best possible rate in one chat and 3 taps. That fast and that easy.

Try Waylo on Messenger for the best hotel deals.

Europe is definitely best explored by living/working in one of the European countries. If u currently live in UK or EU zone, take it easy and explore 1 or 2 countries at a time, but if you are traveling from India or rest of the world, would recommend to stay longer and extend your holiday a bit, so that you can explore more countries. Enough of warming up, let's dive into the planning, shall we..


This one is easy, better to ask your 10 year old niece or nephew to find better flights (not really). Research in various websites till you get satisfying deals. Skyscanner, Kayak, Expedia are that of few heavily used. Easyjet/Ryanair/Airlingus/Vueling are few small carriers that are cheap and meant for shorter hauls.

If you are traveling without lot of planning, no need to worry, you can book - onward and return flights for your country and can fill your itinerary as you go along or else do it ZNMD style, preplanned with little bit of serendipity.

Hotels/Hostels and Activities:

I personally prefer hostels, didn't get disappointed in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Zurich, all over UK. However, in Paris I went for a cozy tiny apartment. I did luxurious hotel stays in Holland, UK, Italy and Zurich. Everything has its place and company. Decide based on with whom you are traveling, occasion and place you are traveling.

Don't do only hostel on your Honeymoon , unless you can't stand your partner for few days in a lonely hotel room...however, u can just sneak in a hostel stay even in your Honeymoon if your trip is longer, if u want a change or just in the place to crash for the night. Totally upto you. To save few bucks, hostels are gud choice of course. Checkout HostelWorld kind of websites for amazing deals, Most of them has amazing breakfast, vibe, roomies and creative ambience. Suit urself up..

Hostels suits well for Solo, group, couples and families. You usually save a lot of money in stays which you can spend on expensive activities like Skiing, paragliding or jumping from sky...yup most of these activities are expensive. So research prices in various countries and do it in a country where the same may be cheaper. For Eg: Few snow activities are cheaper in France than Switzerland, Spain is cheaper for skydiving compared to UK..so do ur research upfront before making pacts n plans.

Getting Around Europe and VISAS:

Good news is Schengen Visa let you explore close to 26 countries, including few less known countries like Malta. And, Slovenia and Slovakia are two different countries..

List of Schengen countries

UK, Ireland doesn't fall under the Schengen zone for travel , yes even before BREXIT. So before leaving your country, please make sure you apply all necessary Visitor Visas.

If you are traveling in a circular circuit, it is better to hire a car for the whole trip and which is far cheaper than the trains or flights for getting around various countries. For Eg:, start with a little cheaper place like Amsterdam and end the trip in the same country smwr, so that you can return the hired car in the same country. Most of the rental companies charges €600 flat convenience fee, just becos u returned Car in a different country. Check Europcar, Sixt, Avis and Enterprise for great deals.

Flights in the last minute are fairly cheaper as well..some times you tend to get them for a grt bargain deals, but purely depending on the country from where u are taking and to where.

The best thing about exploring Europe as singles/group of friends is you need not have a prior detailed plan. I will explain you how.

(PS:If you are going with a family especially with kids and old people you must always have a fixed itenary)

Well considering you are travelling alone/ in a group of friends and have started off without a fixed plan , all you need is a good smart phone/ laptop with a good internet connection, and the best thing is you will find free public WiFi in almost all Airports/Train stations.

Before you reach your next destination you must be aware of

1)what is the best means of local transport.. If it is a medium -large city then a daily pass of public transport ( generally a common pass for Subway/Tram/Metro/Bus ) is recommended and if it is a small place you should find out on internet which is the cheapest means ( it can be even a horse cart in some places ), but you must be aware of it prior.

2)What are the best options to stay, it can be a hotel which has a last minute offer price / a hostel. Hostels generally work out very cheap, thanks to sites like booking.com(my fav) , airbnb , trivago . (Most of them offer pay on arrival)Unless if it is a weekend / long public holidays you are most likely to get cheapest prices, but if your plan is falling on a weekend you are unlikely to get last minute deals and making your booking sooner the better.

3) And when you arrive at a place check for the best train/bus deals to your next destination, in private trains with higher frequency their will be last minute discounts and in public trains you can avail group passes which work out way cheaper than individual tickets. Local private buses are generally the cheapest options, do checkout eurolines.com,postbus and other global bus services.

Well these tricks worked out for me almost all the times i started off unplanned inside Europe for all land routes ( train/bus )

PS:For long trips within Europe flight tickets must be booked in advance for best offers. Ryanair.com,skyscanner.com,are your sites to look out for.

Enjoy your eurotrip :) I bet it will be memorable.

If you are flying from India, first check for cheapest return airfare deals (you can get within 30k with decent airlines).

Second, when in europe, either travel lost cost or buses are the cheapest!! They are good and reliable (preferable for max 4–5hours route or if you can sleep then night buses).

Third, depends on how you prefer staying, cheapest option starts from couch-surfing (which is free but you need to make trustworthy referrals), Hostels (you can get dorm beds at cheaper price with lockers - Hostels in Europe are much decent ones), then Airbnb (either private room, or your own apartment) and lastly hotels.

For transportation, daily passes and research before wherever you go. Use google maps etc.

Balkan countries and eastern Europe (Hungary, Czech) are cheaper countries, so if you need more comfort at cheaper price, start from there!

Hope it helps

Anubhav (DreamsVoyager )

Depends from where ? If from India, you. Can save first by choose cheap air ticket.

So let's say Russian air lines Aeroflot it's always cheaper then the main European airlines

Then look for cheap bed and bath hotels. Looks for deals online , you have to have patience for this. It takes time but you get it. There is nothing much you can do for food , mean you gotta eat good food , even if you don't eat at fancy hotels but still you need to eat decent food. Look for good deals at buffet at super Markets or malls Or street food. Buy package food from food super market.

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