Which is the first recorded murder in the history of humans?

Well scientists did discover a skull that is proof of a murder that took place about 430,000 years ago. Someone apparently took a bludgeon of some sort and whacked another person upside the head twice (thus the intent to murder and kill), and then threw the body in a pit, where it stayed for hundreds of thousands of years.

Meanwhile, if you're looking for what's more commonly thought of as the first murder, it would probably be the murder of Abel by his brother Cain, as referenced in the Bible.(Although this could be a made up story as well, told as an analogy to support the moral treatment of others and help solidify the belief that without God, man is inherently evil.)


Grisly end of 'first recorded murder victim' revealed... from 430,000 years ago

Is there any advantage of using macros in C++?

Macros are used as text substitution. One advantage is that You can use simple small names for a number of statements. You can even define macros for functions.When writing macros for functions, they saves a lot of time that is spent by

What are Chinese misconceptions about Pakistan?

This is not Chinese misconceptions but MY misconceptions in Chinese.When I was in elementry school, in the geography class, I learned this country name- Ba ji si tan. A few days later I learned another country name- Ba le si tan. See? 3 of 4

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Well, I believe that everyone is beautiful. It depends on the viewer, as they say Beauty is in the eye of beholder. As specifically for Punjabis, I am one, and here's the secret ;)Climate of Punjab promotes fair complexion. Over the time, this has entered the