Which is the most secure OS, Windows or Linux?

At the OS level Windows is the most secure OS currently available. This is actually based on several metrics. It is the single most attacked in the world due to its widespread prevalence therefore holes are discovered in Windows faster than in other OSs. This reduces the opportunity for a Zero Day flaw to be exploited. This also brings us to response time. Most security holes in Windows are fixed, or patched, within 48 hours of discovery. Linux can take several weeks. You didn't ask about OS X but my most recent figures were also two to three weeks from discovery to fix.

But there is a far more important component to security in today's computing environment. It is third-party software. The average OS, regardless of it being Windows or Linux, is actually pretty secure in its own right so most attacks actually target third-party software now. Things like Flash, files obtained through .torrents and similar are often hijacked and used as carriers for a variety of malware because the easiest way past all the security built into today's OSs is to enlist the user with admin privileges into the mix.

I've said it before, I'll say it again... There is NO substitute for an educated end-user that adheres to common sense browsing habits, avoids questionable websites, does NOT participate in illegal file sharing and religiously avoids using cracked COTS software in order to get something free that normally costs money. There is really little to no excuse for things like this as FOSS provides dozens, even thousands, of legitimate free packages that will do anything you want on a computer for free, or a minimal donation to the developers. If it HAS to be a COTS program like Office then for god's sake pay for it and download from the developer's site. It may not be just your system you save, it may be mine! How effective is this method? I've been using Windows systems since version 3.11 (obviously before there was such a thing as an internet virus) and have never, ever had any malware on any of my systems and have never used anything more robust than Windows Defender to protect a system (well I did have firewalls quite a while back). Nor have I ever had similar problems with a variety of Apple OSs or Linux distributions. But I have had to fix hundreds over the course of my career and in many cases I had to bite my lips to keep from asking the "guy" what was going through his/her head when they did some certain thing on the internet.
In Most vulnerable operating systems and applications in 2014, Linux distributions are report in group; but next they writte that linux distributions have less vulnerabilities that windosw...:
39 total vulnerabilities    7 high severity   27 medium severity        5 low severity
Red Hat Enterprise
27 total vulnerabilities    6 high severity   17 medium severity        4 low severity
20 total vulnerabilities    9 high severity   9 medium severity          4 low severity
15 total vulnerabilities    3 high severity   9 medium severity          3 low severity
If we had to group the different Windows versions under one entry the statistics would look like this:
68 total vulnerabilities    47 high severity20 medium severity        1 low severity
As you can see a lot of Windows vulnerabilities apply to multiple Windows versions and because of that there is not a huge difference between the number for the entire Windows operating systems family and the numbers for different Windows versions.
Some readers have also asked where Android fits in. Here are the NVD stats:
6 total vulnerabilities      4 high severity   1 medium severity          1 low severity"

You should get a Gaming laptop.

A good cyber security system will need a of VM. For example a VM for Kali, a VM for developing virus/spyware, a VM for testing of the target OS, VM for Forensic, a VM for testing tools, so many download tools available on the Internet had been infected and design as a trap for want to be hacker, a VM for Email and Secure data, etc...

A lot of people want to use VirtualBox because it if free, but I highly recommend VMware Workstations .

I have a lot of Mac hardware, Apple Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air. I found that I am always short of RAM and storage space. (Except for the Mac Pro Desktop)

With all the VM, I highly recommend at least i7 Core, with 64GB of Ram, more than 2 TB in storage. The gaming video card also help the AI.

This is what I got:

Acer Predator

17″ Screen, 4K

i7 Core

8GB Graphics

64 GB Ram

2TB hard-drive with 512GB ssd


Well you can purchase a Windows Laptop when compared to that of Macintosh (Coz Macintosh will be difficult for users who regularly uses Windows). Coming to the part, Windows OS is not good for hackers, though you can install hacker tools by third party so as a reason the effectiveness of the hacking tools you won't find better in Windows, when compared with Kali Linux. Deploy Kali Linux in the Laptop and you can use the Penetration Testing Tools which is already present in operating system (Psst. some tools like honeypots and Intrusion detection systems must have to be download from internet) and Finally you must have to get certified from the authorized certificate providers such as EC- Council, ISACA, CERT, CISCO, (ISC)2 and Offensive Security. And to operate Kali Linux, you must have strong linux knowledge

The answer is it probably doesn't matter: Macs make it a bit easier to gain access to command-line tools that you'll use frequently (nmap for example), but you can always install a good bash shell on Windows to get the same basic stuff.

You'll also use VMs whenever you want to simulate a system that you're trying to test the security of.

I will say that a LOT of my colleagues that work in security have Macs - not because they're more secure or anything, but just because they're typically less flaky and arguably easier to use. I used to exclusively use SUSE Linux, but recently moved to a Mac. Every time I try to use a Windows system now, I just wonder why anyone goes through that annoyance.

What this comes down to is what you're familiar with, what your price point is, and what area of security you want to get into. These are all pretty personal decisions.

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