Which is the worst and best date ever you had?

I have 2 favourites personally. For different reasons. Funnily enough I met both of them online.

I was 16, she was 15. She wasn't my first "girlfriend", but I'd probably say it was my first serious relationship, and first proper date (before that it was just cinema and then go back home and get pizza or something).

It didn't start out great - I got off the train and she wasn't there (she said she would be). I didn't panic just yet because hey...buses run late. 20 minutes go by. I text her to ask her where she was (she'd usually reply immediately). Waited for another 10 minutes, no reply. I called her...phone went straight to answer phone. Uh oh, I thought I'd been pranked or something. Then, after another 5 minutes, when I was about to turn round and check when the next train home was, a bus pulled up, and a beautiful girl, unmistakably her, got off and ran up to me (I was the only person around). She hugged me and immediately apologised - phone had died, bus had been delayed, she was mortified.

After that things got a lot better though. We went into her local town, did a bit of shopping, got a nice lunch, and then went and chilled in the park for hours. We lay down in the sun talking, listening to music, making out and coping a feel when there was no one around. Pretty good in the books of an awkward, nerdy 16 year old virgin. After a few hours the clouds rolled in and it began to rain, hard. I expected her to want to go and find shelter, but no. As everyone disappeared from the park, we stood there, making out in the rain for a good 45 minutes. I'm a pretty soppy romantic, and I'd always wanted to do that, so I was made up just as much about the situation as the actual action I was getting.

Eventually it started getting dark so we walked back to the town center, sat around for a while getting dry and then got the bus home.

Despite my rather odd, albeit cliche, teenage dream of making out in the rain having happened, the thing that I remember the most, is what happened next. We got off the bus and I started to feel sick. Like...really sick. Like, I'm gonna puke now. I'm used to it because of health issues (which I had warned her about), but I was still embarrassed, I warned her to back away and then I threw up all over a patch of grass. After a few minutes gathering myself, popping in some gum and drinking as much water to clean my mouth as I could, I walked back over to her. Unlike many other girls this had happened in front of, she didn't push me away and try and find an excuse to leave. She hugged me, asked me sincerely if I'm ok to keep going, and then kissed me again.

I think that really just blew me away. The fact that she genuinely was worried about me and wanted to make sure I was ok. And wasn't put off by it...

I went home and we dated for about 6 months before things went sour, she met a guy who was cooler than me and pretty unceremoniously ditched me. Then my friend found her number in my phone a few years later and messaged her as a prank...she didn't even remember who I was. Alas...


Story no.2 (not that anyone cares but anyway):

Met girl for first time at train station, hugged, kissed, started walking around town. Found a nice restaurant, candle lit dinner, talked about everything from cats to grandparents to cars to football to cats to music to drugs to cats.

I go to my hotel for the night, kiss her goodnight, then she says "while you went to the bathroom at the restaurant I texted my mum to tell her I'm staying out for the night". She comes into the room with me. We make out. Have sex several times in one night. Watch top gear on DAVE at like 4am or something. Wake up; morning sex, in the shower. Walk around town for a while. Go into a music shop, I play the piano & guitar for her. She squeals in delight like a fan-girl. Go and have a nice lunch, she takes me to some little-known cafe she loves, have the best hot chocolate ever. Walk to the train station, have awesome goodbye kiss. Realise on the train I wasn't sick on a first date for the first time. Overall, good 24 hours.

This moment was one of the best moment i ever had in this durga puja vacation i was there in jamshedpur one of mine female friend has call to meet me as a date the venue was set to be ccd telco .

I was ready with all the atm and a 100rs note .She had came with her friend we were talking about our matters of life recently only she had made a mood to breakup with her bf and i a sanskari boy never had a gf.While talking we order samosa ,hazelnut cappuccino, and twilight desert .we all had completed our stuff and now it was the time of billing. And i as a gentleman went to the counter and swipe my atm but than only i realize i have forgotten the pin than next atm i moved but that too pin was forgotten .

Now i took my dull face to my friend and said i have forgotten atm pin can u pls pay the bill she too hadnt carried any cash but her friend paid the bill .I took her no to pay back the money.

The best moment was the girl who called me for a date is busy with her bf and her friend is now busy with me as more than a friend.

Her profile pic on a website was good looking. When we met, she was missing teeth in the front, she looked like she just got out of bed ( not a dealbreaker) insisted I pay (I would have anyways) and kept bumming cigarettes (that's a dealbreaker after the first one.) To top it off, we had nothing in common. I just decided to get drunk and have a good time. Another one was similar, except she had teeth. So I got drunk, slept with her (her idea) and went on my merry way.

The best date that I ever had was a date that I had, many years ago, with a man to whom I was very attracted. One of the worst dates that I ever had was with a man who was nasty to the taxi driver and nasty to the waiter.

I went on a date with this person who spent the entire date telling me, while we were in a crowded Mexican restaurant, first, how much he hated his wife but wouldn't divorce her because he hated her so much that he didn't want her to have anything he had, followed by the detailed story of her suicide.

I think anyone should choose date performer carefully. After that I promised myself never go to some stranger dating apps. If want a beautiful date, I trust Milliya Smith tell me.

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