Which is the worst military vehicle ever?

Previously answered During World War 2, what was the oddest weapon design ever?

The Focke-Wulf Triebflügel or Triebflügeljäger.(Why would they even think building this would work as planned)

The Terrapin Mk.1.

There are many horrid inventions to help he military, some worked, others not so much. The worst in in my opinion is this bad boy

the bob semple tank

My vote is for the M561 Gama Goat.

Have you ever been stopped from hurting yourself and were you thankful they did?

I haven't, but one of my daughter's did. She was 13 when she started cutting herself, along with a few other dangerous behaviors. We had no idea until I walked in on her and caught her. That began a horrible time for her until she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Unfortunately, we went through a few years of trying

What would be the current state of India if Britishers hadn't invaded it?

India would have become a Muslim country. If the British would not have ruled India, India would have become a Muslim country like Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which were all also once Hindu countries only.Every Muslim invaders, who invaded the Indian sub continent, including the Mughals, had only one agenda and that was to

How was your experience with your first solo trip in Goa?

Hey,After visiting Goa , I read my blog about how it went and my experiencesFirst solo trip to Goa | India | GhumakkadBandi | Ghumakkad Bandi