Which is the worst of the invasive species to Australia?

Which is the worst of the invasive species to Australia?

At the top of the Australian Environment Protection Authorities hit list is the Cane Toad.

The Cane Toad was introduced into Australia from Hawaii in 1935 as an attempted biological control of two native beetles whose larvae fed on the roots of Sugar Cane thus killing the plant. Sugar derived from the cane was and is one of Australia's main export crops.

From the 102 toads bred in captivity and then released in coastal North Queensland, it is estimated there are now in excess of over 200 million toads. The population explosion is the result of Australia having no natural predators of the toad. The toad is highly toxic to all native species of animal that attempt to eat the toad's tadpoles or the toad itself. Thus the toad is a threat to all native species of animal that might come in contact with it.

The toad is now found extensive throughout coastal Queensland, northern New South Wales and has been detected as far away as quarantine stations on the NT-Western Australia border. Apparently the toads have learnt to hitch a ride on passing cars, trains & trucks.

Cane toads in Australia - Wikipedia

Second at the top of the Australian Environment Protection Authorities hit list is the common house cat which has gone feral. With no natural predator in Australia, feral cats are devastating Australians bird life and small marsupials, and have driven some native species to extinction. Plus, feral cats spread mammalian disease to livestock and can infect humans.


The third worst of the invasive species to Australia is of course the rabbit. However, from the plague proportions of the 20th century, rabbit populations are now basically managed through man-made biological controls (viruses).

A major problem in the rivers is the common Carp. In some places these are in plague proportions and causing the destruction of river habitat and have become a threat to native fish and other river fauna.

Because Australia has been biologically isolated from other land masses for millions of years,Australian fauna & flora has no immunity to the disease carried by introduced species of any type, and because Australia does not have natural predators to most introduced species, unless they are controlled they tend to reproduce in plague proportions.. It is why Australia is accused of having the strictest quarantine laws in the world. Keeping nuisance out of Australia is an expensive necessity for our survival

Humans have been wrecking the place for 60,000 years, followed by, in no particular order -





Water buffalo




Beef cattle

Dairy cattle




Lantana camara


Opuntia cactus

Bufo marinus

Harrisia cactus

Fire ants

Cape weed


Serrated tussock

Indian mynas

European wasp

Thorny acacia

Salvation Jane

Olive trees

Camphor laurel

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