Which is your favorite show on Nickelodeon?

A toss up between Special Delivery and Wild and Crazy Kids.

Special Delivery was that afternoon block of specials where anything could air, and usually does.And by anything, I meant everything from international films, shows, reruns, after-school and weekend specials, concerts, everything. It was all fun and entertaining.

Wild and Crazy Kids was pretty much Field Day: The Series. Lots of fun had by the contestants in competitive events ranging from traditional sports to odd, messy ones. The contestants were all kids, and they had fun getting dirty and making a mess. Great games, great hosts. It was the perfect Nick show at the time.

If US pet owners were offered 100,000 dollars each to euthanise their pets, what percent would do so?

I'll take you up on that.I have a dog who has already had two Last Trips to the Vet. He sleeps in a diaper because he leaks a little, and he's pretty creaky. He needs a ramp to get into the car, and last night, he had to be lifted

Should a teacher ever teach a class his or her child is taking in public school?

It happens.  Sometimes it can be a problem and sometimes it's not problem at all.I know in my school we have a series of policies in place in order to ensure this kind of situation has the best possible outcome.Such as - generally teachers aren't timetabled

Where can I watch good movies?

This website:The Good Movies You Haven't yet Seen