Which life experience made you love yourself?

A really dear friend of mine was high, and she drunk-texted a friend of hers. She texted him that he is very nice, and that she loved him as a friend, she cared for him, and she would always be by him. And then she went on texting him that she loves him like she loves me, she wants me to be successful, and that she never thought she'd love somebody else like that.

They say, drunk words are sober thoughts. I, kind of, got to know that there are people in my life, who truly love me, and that at times, I have made them feel good. And that feeling is simply, amazing. My heart bursted with tears of joy and love. And I think, this recent experience made me love myself a bit more.

Make atleast one person smile a day... It will make u fall in love with REAL u more n more...

Well... If its about life experience.. I was a kid den... was studying in 4th or 5th std. and was waiting for my school bus outside of my house. and I saw a little poor child standing there and I felt like doing something for him and since I didnt have money in my school bag so I took out my lunch and gave it to him.. And smile I saw on his face was priceless. :) :) :)

Making someone happy will give u real happiness and not only u but God also will love u more.

When I came home and told this to parents they didnt scold me for not having lunch that day but they were happy that I learnt a good lesson of life of helping others.

Credit simply goes to my parents.. They have always taught us that the key to real happiness is to make others smile and to help the needy.

So keep spreading smiles:) :) :) World needs mosre of it.
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