Which medieval European country had the best economic policy?

Medieval european countries did not have economic policies.
Taxes went to the King or Queen to fight wars and fund piracy. If they won they took over lands to gain more taxes and ransomed the captured nobility. If they lost they went into exile and tried to raise armies to regain lands. England built ships to fight, for piracy and trade. There was no universal education, no road building programs, no research, no standing armies, no health provision. Some money went into building palaces and castles and cathedrals. The Church exacted its own taxes and they did a little social work with alms houses and hospitals. For hundreds of years not much changed.
Have you ever met a Pakistani?

One of the most beautiful and wildest female friend I ever met was in London. She was a dentist from Pakistan. Her boyfriend was a tall blonde Englishman. My husband and I are about ten years older than they. We went dancing. She asked me to dance, which surprised me. But, it

If you are using butter to cook your eggs, will that be considered frying eggs?

Sometimes, I use canola oil for frying eggs. But using butter is possible, even preferred by many: I break the egg(s) into a small bowl first, since I do not enjoy broken yolks that cook-or partially cook-as the egg is frying. Better is the egg with the white done and the yolk nice and runny.So, I break the

Have you ever been drugged at a party?

Yes, when I was 19.  I went to a party at this girl's house I knew. I had an inkling that she liked me, but didn't know that she didn't like my girlfriend (who wasn't there), and had a