Which musicians had the greatest impact on music?

Musicians, Composers, Producers, Artists, that had the greatest impact on music of all time, as I see them, listed with no particular order, might have forgotten about some.







Musorgski, Borodin, Rimskyi-Korsakov, Balakirev, Kjuee, Stasov - a "Mighty Stack" (Могучая Кучка), originally called this funny way by Stasov, the musical critic, in one of his articles. This was a crew of composers (or just visionaries) that made a very big change in the Russian opera music, ballet music. They were creators of the so-called "New Russian Music School", Vladimir Stasov as a founder, - they took quite different approaches to the old russian folklore sagas and music.




Chuck Berry

Aretha Franklin


Varg Vikernes (Burzum, True Norwegian Black Metal)

Ozzy Osbourne

David Gilmore

Freddie Mercury and Brian May (Queen)

Grandmaster Flash

Beastie Boys

Rick Rubin (started as a guitarist in his band)

Bruce Earl Fairbairn

Kurt Cobain

Butch Vig

Steve Albini

Axl Rose


Cypress Hill (band)



Snoop Dogg

Skream (Oliver Dene Jones)

Brett Anderson

Prodigy (band)

Steve Aoki

Angelo Badalamenti

David Bowie

Amanda Palmer


George Michael

INXS (band)


Marilyn Manson


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