Which nation has both the tastiest and healthiest cuisine?

Cuisine in itself is a very vast subject. Everyone will probably feel that their cuisine is the best. They are entitled to feel that because this is a subjective topic. What may be healthy for one may be unhealthy for another. These things depend on many factors like weather, geographical conditions, etc. As an Indian I do feel Indian cuisine is the best and extremely healthy if prepared in the right manner although l love some of the other cuisines as well. All the condiments that we put in our food have a medicinal quality helping us in digestion and building strength. Thanks for reading.

What is Aamir Khan's upcoming movie?

Amir khan's next movie is going to release this year (2017) name of the movie is

How much sleep is required for a 20 year old boy?

People, similar to everything creatures, need rest, alongside sustenance, water and oxygen, to survive.Many individuals would answer by saying at least eight hours of rest. However, the answer doesn't depend exclusively on how long you sign in bed. After a long time, you require profound continuous rest in