Which one do you prefer classroom or online learning?

I would prefer and recommend online learning for multiple reasons -

  1. I can learn anywhere of my choice.
  2. I can learn any time of my choice.
  3. I can easily rewind and revise 1000 times without asking anyone.
  4. I can simultaneously google and search other things when in doubt or ask Teacher or Author or other learners of the course for my doubt.

Can you see, it's extremely liberal and I have my own freedom in learning.

For all these features and plus more extensive rock solid e-Learning marketplace, I recommend to use EduPaas LMS available here - EduPaaS - Online eLearning LMS ( Udemy Clone )

I hope this answers your question.


I prefer asynchronous online learning because I can do it at my own convenience or when I most need it. And I get immediate feedback. I am a constant user of Google and Wikipedia.

Many people, however, prefer classroom learning because they need the social structure around it to keep them motivated and on-track. They need schedules, deadlines and interaction with classmates and the instructor. It may be the best approach for people looking for a particular qualification in a set period of time.

There is plenty of room for both.

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