Which profession will be adding the most value to society in the foreseeable future?


We need knowledge. True knowledge, that recognises its shortcomings, that can immediately throw away yesterday's "truthts" IF proven wrong (by scientific method - Not political or religious whims).

For that we need teachers. Not just any "teachers" but teachers aware of their own weaknesses not shy to recognise them. Able to see potential in students, ready to share and encourage them to explore and find their own talents. Their inner calls. HUmble enough to learn from students as well.

Not something you find often in schools of today.

What are dirty secrets of fitness industry?

Fitness is directly connected to our body so no one had the right to cheat any one because it comes on person whole life . The darkest side of fitness industry is that sometimes or most of the times they try to cheat by

What is the best cure for OCD? Which medicine are best in OCD?

OCD Treatment Options:1) Just don't run after OCD thoughts, if it compel you to think or do something just don't coz you know it's OCD thought; DO NOT reply them in YES or NO ie thought, no action, then thought fade slowly and you don't feel

Is it possible to lose 5kg without exercise in two weeks and how?

1. ten cups of water:  Drink plenty of water each day. You must drink a minimum of ten cups of water in a day. Drinking more water will reduce the chance of getting a heart attack and other diseases. High fiber consumption along with drinking lot water can certainly help