Which professions are most likely to disappear in near future?


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We have to look at this from a very fundamental perspective. As you know jobs are broken down into tasks, competencies and knowledge. Out of which robotics and automation can replicate a lot of this to a very large extent. We have seen how legal advice was automated and the AI's response has been as accurate as a humal lawyer or almost right up there.

The jobs that would become redundant would have to be the ones which have a high frequency of occurence of similar tasks. Any job that has a large share of activities that get repeated over and over again is subject to redundancy as robots and automation would take over that stream. The jobs that may be safe are the ones which will have a high variance in the kind of tasks that they perform.

Job redundancy may also be based on the geogrpahy. In the west or in developed countries we have seen the outflow of operations/transaction roles to India, Philippines etc. Similarly if automation takes over most of such transactional jobs can become redundant.

Like our friend has mentioned the drivers' jobs may become extinct when self deive cars take over. But they would not survive in Asia with the kind of roads and driving conditions.

It would be really hard to put your finger on jobs that would go extinct as most of it depends on technology, geogrpahical region and socio-political circumstances

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