Which shows and dramas are you watching right now?


Well, we watch mostly American stuff. Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Elementary, that sort of thing. There are a few local dramas you could try, but I don't watch any of them so it's hard to recommend anything specifically.

However, some of the more popular and generally current locally produced dramas that provide Australian flavour are:

  • Puberty Blues (coming of age)
  • Offspring (twenty-somethings)
  • House Husbands (married life)
  • Packed to the Rafters (family)
  • Wentworth (prison)
  • Home and Away (family-friendly soap opera)
  • Neighbours (family-friendly soap opera)
  • Secrets and Lies (serial crime drama)
  • Underbelly (serial, period crime dramas)
  • Love Child (period drama)

What makes a successful horror movie?

ok let me tell you few things as I consider myself with a good taste for movies (someone thinks I am :D)In opinion, the horror movies with a lot of killing and blood are not scary at all .. they are disgusting and sick.I prefer ghosts and spirits and demonic possession and hunted houses and dolls than

Would it be worth it for Apple to ditch Siri and charge Google for use of the Google Assistant on iOS, just like they do with Google on safari?

Apple would never give Google their user's data without having and alternative and user consent.As for Safari, you've obviously been living in the Android echo chamber too long.Webkit is pretty much Apple's baby, which is probably the main reason why Chrome no longer uses it - well, that and the fact that Google thinks that the

What are the academic requirements for becoming an astronaut in NASA?

I've never walked in space, but I do have a gut answer for how a 13 year old can set themselves up for success:These first two are first for a reason. Do them now.not tomorrow. Not next Tuesday. These things start now.In school - math. Math. Math. Math. It's the