Which things make life interesting?

1. Charging in the fresh air. Do you start your morning by turning on the TV and having a hearty Breakfast with food full of solid carbohydrates? In this case, do not be surprised why you go all day sluggish and sad. From today, make a habit, at least 1-2 times a day (for example, at the weekend) to do exercises in the fresh air. Wear your most comfortable sneakers, wear a tracksuit, take a bottle of water - and forward to charge. Fresh air combined with physical activity will increase your mood and add strength for an interesting and eventful day. If you are not a fan of sports, do not deny the pleasure of just a walk in the fresh air - it is much better and more useful than sitting in a closed and stuffy room.

2. Do good deeds. Go outside and feed the puppy, or treat an unfamiliar child with a chocolate. Get grandma across the street, after all. This will not only give you a sense of significance, but also help make the world a little kinder, because there is so much evil in it.

3. We're walking to work. If Your work is a couple of stops away from you - do not be lazy to get up half an hour earlier in order to walk. These walks will give you strength and provide a good mood for the whole day. However, do not follow this recommendation, if your work 15 - 30 kilometers. Too early rises are unlikely to have a positive impact on your health.

4. Find a new hobby. Quite in his spare time to do nothing - in the world so many interesting and unknown. If you have not found a hobby to your liking - it's time to do it. If you find yourself a hobby that intersects with your main job, you will "kill two birds with one stone" - and you will have a great time and improve your skills.

5. Call your old friends. Nowadays people call each other less. The reason is simple - due to the appearance of mail and social networks, it is much easier to write a message to communicate. Many of us have forgotten what it's like to listen to your friend's voice. Therefore, contrary to all stereotypes, dial the phone number of your friend and arrange a meeting. Yes you can and meet me - just nice to chat with a friend. Do not sit in your "comfort zone" and leave it as soon as possible. While you are sad, the world is so interesting and incredible. So call your friends, go outside - do everything possible to the next day not to spend lying at home on the couch.

6. Set a goal, and achieve it. Having a life goal makes a person make efforts and move forward. Similarly, an interesting life requires movement. If you are bored - just set a goal. When you reach it, your self-esteem will grow, and you will understand how interesting life is. What's next? You will again set a goal, because you simply can not live otherwise. That's great!

7. Go on a journey. The dusty town and unfavourable atmosphere often cause depression. Therefore, take a vacation at work and go to another country or to a resort within the country. The main thing is a change of scenery. Take a walk to places where you have never been before, get a lot of pleasant experiences. You've done a good job, and now it's time to devote time only to yourself. However, if you go on vacation with your loved one - it's even better, because the two of you will only be more fun.

8. Pay attention to your daily diet. We're what we're eating. So, try to continue to give preference to natural food, rich in vitamins. Eat vegetables, fruits, natural juices, drink more clean water. Forget about high-calorie and fatty foods, as well as confectionery products rich in sugar. This does not mean that You should completely abandon it - it is enough to significantly reduce its consumption.

9. Forget about computer games and aimless surfing on the Internet. Computer games-not a great way to spend time, and a great opportunity to plant vision, shake your mind and lose another day of his life. In addition, surfing the Internet and computer games psychologically bind a person, narrowing the range of his interests. If your life is not as bright as you would like - computer games, and other "time killers" can be the fault.

10. Don't watch the news. We watch the news in order to keep abreast of all developments. However, more often than not, the news just drives us into depression, making worse the already not perfect mood. In addition, the news creates additional noise information that negatively affects the process of making important life decisions. In order to be aware of all the news, it is enough to highlight a few news sites and, from time to time, look at the Internet.

11. Get rid of the extra stuff. If you have not used any things that just gather dust on your balcony for a long time-throw them away. Clean your own life from excess stuff, and it will open for a new and exciting. If you feel sorry to throw away old things-just give them away. Thus, You will also do a good deed that will help another person.

12. Do what you like to do. The main reason for depression and sadness of a person is that he is forced to do things that do not bring him any pleasure. Many of us have to go to work every day and do tasks that other people need, but not themselves. If you are surrounded by things that you do not like - do not be surprised by the low quality of your life. You probably go to work because you can't find a new one. In that case, it's time to start searching! Understand-if you do what you do not like, every day the situation will only get worse. So take the decisive step and change your life today! All these recommendations will make your life more interesting. If you have used all your resources, but depression as it was, and remained - consult a psychologist who will help you quickly change the situation.

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