Which toothpaste should we use?

Their are number of toothpaste brands promoted in India for daily use. But for the best dental care a dentist always recommend a fluoride based tooth-paste. A fluoride based dental toothpaste comes with homogeneous consistency.

I will recommend you to use the Fluoride based Voco clean joy tube.


I feel any normal toothpaste available in the market, like in India there are various brands, e.g. Pepsodent, Colgate, etc. are good enough for daily use.

You can look for the fluoride content in the paste. (Fluoride helps preventing tooth decay and gum diseases). But if you are allergic to it then go for fluoride free toothpaste. Also for children under 2 years, fluoride free toothpaste is advised.

For daily use avoid using toothpaste for whitening and sensitivity. It's best to consult your dentist before using them.

P.S. Even if there is a best toothpaste, it's of no use unless you brush and floss your teeth properly.

Have a nice day!

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