Which travel agent in West Bengal should I choose for visiting Canada?

There are lots of travel agencies in w.b. but i would suggest you to go with Best Tour Operator In Kolkata - Shree Krishna Tours & Travels as they provide flexible services and they are pocket friendly too. SKTT is one stop solution for travellers like me & you.

They have professional team to arrange any kind of trip for you as well as there customer support is excellent because even if you call the owner at 3′o clock in night. He'll pick your call and will assist you if you need their help.

Is it true that most English people have some Irish ancestry?

No. There are about 6 million people in the UK with Irish ancestry (if you narrow this down to having at least one Irish grandparent.). One in four Britons claim to have Irish roots.I didn't look

How should i find a good job?As i am so much confused whether to go for preparation of exams or job hunt.

Find the things you love and/or care about and find out what jobs make, maintain, support, and study them. A good job is one you care about.Get to know people who are doing that job or who work with people doing that job. It helps

Have you ever been in love with someone and never found someone better?

I did......until I found someone better!When a person is in love they probably won't believe there is someone better. Losing this person hurts beyond words can explain.One day a tender and caring felling will grow within you. It might start