While preparation of any competitive exam, what kept you motivated (or what was the reason and purpose behind doing all the hard work)?

  1. Briefly there are 6 things that one should always keep in mind during his/her preparation.
  • Why?(why are you preparing for a particular exam).
  • Right environment (always be in contact with good peers who are also preparing or already done well previously (only these type of guess will be able to guide you properly)).
  • Think negatively - think of everything that can go wrong if you didn't perform well, but don't dwell much on this thing.
  • Non-negotiable agreement- make some commitments, for ex. You have to do particular portion of a chapter in a day then make a commitment that I will give party to my friend or anything that works for you, if I didn't complete my work. This should be non negotiable.
  • Imagine yourself ( how things will going to change after a few months of hard work.)
  • Don't stop.

Is running enough as a physical exercise?

I personally not like running or recommend them to my clients. I prefer them to do sprints or HIIT workout. Here are my reasons why i feel running is the not the best form of exercise:Running burns calories, strengthens your heart, challenges the muscles of your

How to get six pack abs in one month

Want to have Six pack abs in one month....Well it's a challenging task bt I won't say it is not possible. Definitely it is possible.First of all you will have to follow strict routine of workout as well as diet because diet plays a major role in any major changes in the body. So

Will I lose muscle after discontinuing whey protein powder?

I'd say it'd about time you get off that crap.If you're healthy and your stomach is functioning right, you should throw up whey protein pretty fast. Maybe you're still young enough to have an iron stomach...wait till you get in your 50s and throw up any crap...even being thankful