While undergoing a divorce, is it legal to have a fiancee?

While undergoing a divorce, is it legal to have a fiancee?

As with all "is it legal?" questions, this depends on where you live.

In the US, you can have as many fiancees as you want, whenever you want, married or not.

A fiancee is not a legal relationship. It's merely the name given to a person who is engaged to be married. An engagement is not a legal relationship. It's merely a non-binding verbal agreement between two people that they will get married.

That said, having a fiancee before your divorce is final is not going to earn you any brownie points with either your wife or the judge.

My brother is leaving with my father but my father is dying. The house is left to my sister and I. How do we get him out after my father passes away?

OK why would you want to get him out? Is he a deadbeat or you the deadbeat? Someone is taking care of your dad in his last days. If you are not the one, then likely your brother who lives there is doing the hard work. If he is not, then

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My friend's mother-in-law wants to cut the cord when the baby is born. Her husband is deployed and I'm her birth support. How can I make sure her mother-in-law doesn't sneak in? We live in a small town and MIL may find out she is at the hospital.

friend not you needs to tell her dr and hospital who is allowed with her. She needs to tell mil I don't want you in the room. You have no power to do this she does. She should have a list of people who can or can not come in given to dr and hospital before labor starts.