Who are Deadpool's parents?

No one including Deadpool knows.

All that is truly known is that Deadpool burned them alive.

Deadpool v3 #34: Its revealed in the past that while mind controlled by the B...

Everything else can't be trusted as Deadpool isn't sure of his past, whether some parts are real, implanted, or just incorrect.

It's a well-known fact that Dead Pool is one of Batman's alter-egos. So his parents were of course, Richard and Mary Parker.

Can civilization survive without laws?

It is possible.However you would have to accept that people could kill you (or your relatives), steal from you, commit rape or adultery, etc. without any retribution. If you want someone punished for doing something, you have to sort it out yourself.There would be no shared facilities (e.g. roads, education, hospitals or doctors). You

Do Morse code radio transmissions have longer range than voice transmissions for the same power? How much longer?

There's a lot of factors that affect the usable range. At some point, the signal is weaker than the noise, and you can't hear it any more. This is encapsulated in the

How do dental implants fail?

I'm not a dentist so my answer is likely to be incomplete. My answer is based on journalistic research.When a newly-placed implant does not bond (osseointegrate) with the jawbone, it's a failure. Dentists usually call these implants