Who are more powerful, DC superheroes or Marvel superheroes?

Well, in context of strength, I'll give my opinion here. Lets take different levels here, breaking it down easier to compare:

  1. Street Level: Able to fight lowly thugs, streetfighters and possibly a whole crime organization at best. Ex: Daredevil, Jason Todd, Punisher, Damian Wayne etc. Here, DC and Marvel actually are on equal terms, in my opinion. REMEBER! My opinion, feel free to have different views on my answer
  2. Meta-human Level: Able to Destroy cities, Island groups, possibly continents or 1/10 of a planet at best. Ex: Avengers, Spiderman, Batman(kinda), Aquaman etc. Here too, They are on same terms. They can best each other basically.
  3. Planet- Buster Levels: Able to Destroy a planet or multiple planets. Ex: Wonder-woman, Thor, Black Adam, Sentry. Here, I say Marvel is for the win due to involving Sentry for the win. Sentry's feats are as strong as Captain America but hundred thousand times stronger.
  4. Herald Levels: Able to destroys Solar systems,Galaxies and break law of casuality. Ex: Molecule-Man, Beyonder, Superman, Galactus etc. Superman has a 70%probability of winning with only obstacles such as cosmic ghost rider, Silver surfer. Superman have feats of being faster than light having being ableto move planets,However Superman world also highly lose if the beyonder were to fight him making superman's chances of winning be 35%, due to nigh omnipotence. Then there is Gladiator and Hyperion too to fight superman one on one.

So, I believe Marvel has a 65% probability of defeating DC heroes, but neither will DC chicken out. There are even more levels like: Galaxy Buster levels, Celestial levels, Multiversal levels and The creator level. However in these level none are really superheroes, they are mainly gods who watch and balance the state of the world.

What was your scariest travel experience?

Okay, here goes!This happened almost 12 years ago. I was traveling back to Kerala from Guwahati, Assam for my summer holidays. It was a long, really long 3 days and 3 nights trip to Kerala.I was traveling alone. I was excited!I loved long train rides, I really did! And here I was, about to spend 3

What are the best PG-13 horror movies?

The best PG-13 horror movie is Fire in the Sky because it reveals in shocking detail the horrifying truth about a subject which many people either prefer to dismiss as fiction or avoid talking about all together.  This horror film is a unique example of how those who suggest that the human population of planet