Who are the best startup lawyers in Hong Kong?

I can definitely recommend David Chang (http://www.mofo.com/david-chang/) from Morrison Foerster. He has worked with Instagram, Uber, TaskRabbit, and Ticketfly when he was based in Silicon Valley and in Hong Kong, he's assisted ZAOZAO, Aspect Gaming, Legend Fighting Championships, and 6Waves. He's been helping us with some changes to our shareholder structure, and his experience with start-ups has definitely helped.
What are your favorite books on hacking?

I would not recommend reading "hacking" books. Very often, the more the word "Hacking" is written in big bold letters on the cover, the worse is the real utility of the content of the book.Another point is that "Hacking" isn't about reading and reproducing some recipes but understanding a lot of different domains

I don't have the desire to get in a new relationship after my divorce but I don't want my ex husband to move on before me. I feel that my pride won't be able to take it. Should I move on first for this reason?

Allowing your resentment to drive your actions is a sure formula for disaster. Take pride in yourself, not some imagined competition with your ex. Wish him well. Anger is how we hurt ourselves because of someone else's mistake. Let it go. Getting involved with another out of spite or competition is

What is the fastest way to gain chest pectoral muscles?

I would do lots of chest exercises multiple times a week (2 or 3 depending on how fast your body recovers). Specifically (if you can) focus on these - barbel regular bench press, dumbbell incline bench press, machine chest press,