Who is Australia's best film director?

Oh, there's loads! You want drama? Try Cate Shortland and David Michod. Horror buffs should head in the direction of Jennifer Kent and Greg McLean, while those with an action bent should go to the nonpareil George Miller whilst someone who's done a bit of both of the latter genres is the one and only Brian Trenchard-Smith (definitely a guilty pleasure, though). But for me the reigning champion - with such classics as THE CARS THAT ATE PARIS, THE LAST WAVE, GALLIPOLI, MASTER AND COMMANDER and THE TRUMAN SHOW to his name - is the varied and sublime PETER WEIR!

Peter Weir - Wikipedia

What are the most intense psychiatric medications?

I think it depends on the person.To me, the most intense medication I've been on was Latuda. And I was on the lowest dose too. And in hospital and wanted to get out so I had to take it.Every morning I hated it. Id take it and soon

Is Trader Joe's inexpensive?

Price perception is an emotional topic for consumers .. and one that retailers approach with scientific thought. There is never a simple answer to the question

Do animals think like we humans do?

Well, if you watch your animals, especially cats, closely, you will see that they are thinking through & planning their next move. My cat plans his route & checks the distance he has to jump, etc. If you watch animals, be they horses,