Who is a man who has more than one wife?

i just wrote a book listing 36 named men in the Bible with more than one wife. The book is on Kindle and it is called "The Monogamy Lie." I list the men, and all the scriptures that prove it. In addition, I listed scripture where God claimed to have two wives and closely examined the Parable of the ten virgins explaining how that can ONLY be about polygyny. For frosting on the cake, I did the math from the book of numbers. It was a very enlightening study.

My husband does not fulfill his responsibilities as a husband and as a father. Do I have to be separated from my husband or do I have to remain in our marriage?

If his failures are profound as you describe them in a handful of stark words, then you must separate from him with a clear ultimatum. With children, the situation is particularly grave, with heavy obligations to try everything possible to save the marriage for the benefit of the

Have your or anyone's life changed by watching the film 'Fight Club'?

What a great movie!! It was a thrill to watch. Yeah, it changed my life......for about 90 minutes.Great movies are supposed to be captivating like that.A few good lines in the movie....The things you own end up owning you.It's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.You're not your

Is Nokia Networks a service or product based telecommunication company?

Nokia Networks is in the process of rediscovery and redefinition. Nokia is in process of merger with Alcatel-Lucent. This merger will create a new giant in the field of telecommunications. But it needs to be seen, what this merger will result. It is an opportunity