Who is gonna form the central government in India?

In the General Elections, 2019, there are three main alliances contesting to secure power. There is United Progressive Alliance (UPA)-led by Congress, then there is Mahagathbandhan (grand alliance) of SP-BSP and RLD and the third is NDA-led by BJP. No single party has the ability to form the government after the Lok Sabha polls. In deed, no single party has positioned itself to win the elections. From the study of all available information, it appears that the NDA led by BJP will form the government.

Are StairMasters bad for your knees?

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What are the best health blogs?

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What are some mind-blowing facts about Viswanathan Anand?

Viswanathan "Vishy" Anand is a former World Chess Champion, who is the fourth player in the history to pass the 2800 Elo mark on the FIDE rating.Viswanathan Anand has been tagged as "One Man Chess Industry" for India. This five-time