Who is the best Marvel superhero? Why?

Usually my opinions are the opposite of the Other answeres but this time everybody's been saying in right.

The best marvel superhero also happens to be the only superhero to reach issue 800, that's a feat against Batman Superman, Wonder Woman and all the other superheroes that are 20+ years older than him! And that's just his ASM comic line! There are many other ongoing comic lines. Now if you can't tell who the best Superhero from Marvel is yet, it's spiderman.

Here are ten big reasons Spider-Man is Marvel's best superhero.

How did Sachin Tendulkar inspire you?

Sachin has been a cricketing icon to many of the upcoming talents of India but his attitude towards game and his personal life is what attracts me and still inspires me. His ways of dealing things personally or professionally has always

How big is Hell?

This is a very interesting question. The first documentation of hell was in Babylon around 300 AD. READ THAT LAST SENTENCE AGAIN! The Jews did not believe in a place of eternal torment or torture; consequently, hell is not mentioned in the

What's the saddest thing you have seen at a funeral?

Definitely watching a mother/father say goodbye to their child. All funerals have been sad that I've attended, but watching a mother sitting there breaking her heart after her whole world has collapsed stays with you.No parent should ever bury their kids x