Who is the best: Microsoft, Google or Apple?

I think this question is very subjective(opinionated). And therefore, it may not be possible to tell "who is the best" through factual analysis, at least I think so. It will only make people give opinions and/or biased POVs (Point Of Views). And... guess what? Right, I'm no different! ;)
So here's my take on each of 'em:

  • The argument of who is best is difficult to compare without a common base to judge

Which is the best fruit: Banana, Orange or Kiwifruit?
  • If someone likes sweet - Banana would the best for him.
  • If someone likes it sour - Kiwi would be the best
  • If someone likes it sweet-sour -Orange would be the best for him

Does it mean no one is best? No, its based on how you view it.

But still we will try to see how these 3 companies fare amongst each other having prevailed in the same industry for more than 15 years.

With my understanding, I will be considering one product common to all the three - Mobile OS


If they were people,
Apple is a pig-headed mastermind
Microsoft is a good-hearted but stumbling friend
Google is the absent-minded genius.

  • Apple
  • Apple pushes their stuff hard(OTA updates), whether you want it or not.
  • It's not user-choice; its Apple choice.
  • They have lost it a little since late Steve Jobs. You have an iPhone today - like 5 years ago - but you still can't put an icon where you want to put it- its Apple's choice-  as the provide with an overall "experience" always to their users

  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft basically pushes their stuff hard until consumers complain to the point of no return, then deliver a successor or huge update down the road that goes back on some design principles.
  • Consider, Windows 10 is what people wanted without the drastic change of the shift from Win 7 to Win 8, they just combine both of it and pushed it to the users.

  • Google
  • Google does half-ass things. They test the market to see what works, and then minimize any costs or resources they don't need by moving on.
  • Look at material design, they launched it but some of their core apps aren't updated with those design principles.
  • Look at Hangouts, that's an Android iMessage but it looks clumsy.

All of the major three companies are flawed, but in an interestingly distinct way.

  1. Apple creates a brilliant "experience", but too restrictive environment for not giving users the choice to modify it.
  2. Microsoft is trying to push its way  but just doesn't know how to present itself or make a name for itself in them (tablets, phones)
  3. Google is pushing so many great services and features at once, and always trying to push the tech industry forward that many apps, features and polish time

Microsoft, Google and Apple are arguably the 3 largest tech companies in the world and pointing out every single one of their successes and failures will be too cumbersome. Instead, I will focus on their the size of their impact on the world.

The oldest of the 3 companies mentioned, Microsoft is a titan in the industry. They have many products, ranging from software (Windows) to gaming (Xbox) to search (Bing). It was notably dominant in the 90s and 2000s which is mainly due to their Windows operating system supporting many programs for use at home, school and in the office. For many, the Microsoft Office suite of applications is still used all over the world due to it's functionality, reliability and compatibility.

In terms of recent innovations, the HoloLens is a standout for me because of how it ultilizes holograms to blur the lines between reality and computing. The Microsoft Surface Pro tablets are also an honourable mention. The tablet gives users a full fledge OS without any compromises in the portability of the tablet. In the age of mobile, however, I can say this was where Microsoft lost out to their competitors, Apple and Google. Even with the acquisition of Nokia to boost their mobile division, the Windows Phone OS still loses out due to the a serious lack of mobile applications.

From humble beginnings in a garage in Menlo Park, California, the company quickly grew into one of the largest and most important companies in the world today. Starting as a search engine, Google now has products that we use daily including Gmail, Android, Maps, YouTube and Chrome. Google Search has grown so much to the point that the word "Google" is not only a noun, but also a verb. The open-source, Android OS, with more than a billion users, in particular stands out to me as it brings out the best of almost every Google product in the palm of their users. The versatility of Android can be seen as it not only used to operate phones and tablets, but also wearable devices, televisions and cars. 

Due to Google's dominance in search, Google's personal assistant, Google Now, easily blows it's closest competitors, Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana, out of the water by delivering relevant information before/when the user needs it. Google is also notably famous for their "moonshot" projects which aim to tackle huge problems affecting many people around the world. These projects include Google Glass, self-driving cars and Project Loon, which aims to provide an Internet connection to the rest of the world (around 5 billion people) using hot air balloons.

Last but not least, Apple, the closest of the 3 companies to be worth a trillion dollars. A behemoth in the industry, Apple has a range of products which have changed how we perceive computing as we know it today. It started off with the Macintosh computer and their notable products now include the iPod, iPhone and iPad. Seamless integration between their products, beautifully designed devices and a thriving ecosystem (thanks to the Apple AppStore) has kept their users hooked onto them.

The success of these products are also mainly due to the fact that Apple has created products which users lust for and the company is now recognizable almost all around the world with an incredibly powerful brand name. For example, while smartphones have already existed, the unveiling of the iPhone by Steve Jobs made everyone excited about a smartphone which is ultra-portable and easy to use. 

In conclusion, there are many great things about the 3 companies that I have discussed above and it is a wonderful time to be in the presence of Microsoft, Google and Apple. I have used products from all 3 and truly appreciate how they shaped the world as we know it.

Although it is hard to single out a "best" of the 3, I would say that Google will be taking the title for me as the best because how much and fast they have grown in only 17 years. Using Google Search especially has made me realize how great it has organised the world's information (which grows everyday) and made it easily accessible to everyone. Whether you are the CEO of a huge company or a farmer in a small village, Google works the same for everyone as a powerful equalizer and having access to Google means you will be connected to a vast wealth of information.
I am going to give you a very biased answer here, but I am very, VERY strongly in support of Apple. Ever since I have had used Apple products I have never had a desire to go back.

I used to own a Lenovo PC that ran Windows Vista. (Now don't get me wrong, I've heard that the Operating Systems after Vista and 7 are improved..) But it was alright while I had it. And then I got a Macbook Pro. And the expression 'Once you go Mac you never go back' (Is that a thing? If it isn't I'm making it one) definitely proved to be true to me. Using a PC has become incredibly frustrating to me. Just the general setup and layout of Windows 8 is not a pleasurable experience to me, and another reason I prefer Macs is not having to worry about installing Virus protection.

In terms of phones, Windows definitely entered the game a bit late for me to even consider buying a Windows phone, I also own an iPhone, and I love the continuity that the iPhone and MacBook offer with each other (Handoff features that allow you to for example, answer phone calls on your laptop, or pick up a note you were writing or a web page you were browsing on your phone). Little things like this are very important and significant to me.

Google on the other hand stands out to me. Google I do not think can fairly be compared to Microsoft or Apple. Google has the incredible search engine which Microsoft and Apple have NOTHING on it. Google has the incredible web browser Google Chrome which 9 times out of 10 I will use over Apple's Safari. (And 1000/1000 times over Microsoft's Internet Explorer.) That being said, I would never, ever consider buying a ChromeBook. They look flimsy, the operating system does not look well put together.. I just don't think that until it is improved is a good idea for Google.

Each sort of has their own reason to shine though. For me, Microsoft's is definitely Xbox. In terms of innovation though, I would definitely give that to Apple. They continue to impress me with some of the new things they have unveiled. And then Google definitely carries its own.

I hope this helps! Thank you for the A2A!
Every word in answer is arguable.

As per my view, real fight between Microsoft And Google. As Apple's has currently limited range as compare to both of them.

Lets first See area in which Microsoft deals:

1. Operating System  (It consist rage from Home or office use to Special Server Operating system features)

2. Office suites  - A wide range of different application on which zillions of work flows has been relayed. There is hardly any one who is unaware of Microsoft Office suites. Still arguably unbeatable. (Atleast argue on this point, Resume can be better build on Word :) )

P.S. Microsoft provide office suits for Apple  devices also

Office Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

3. Email Sending accounts - Outlook

4. Cloud computing - One Drive

5. Search Engine - Bing

6. Online communication app - Skype - undoubtedly used by millions 

7.  Smart Phones  - We all know about  the mirosofts smart phones.

8. Have its own browser - Internet Explorer.

9. MSN

Now Software Development Areas

1. IIS server - on which millions of enterprise as well as rest applications has been run comfortably

2. Visual Studio - A wizard produced by the Microsoft, which is complete powerful package for software development. I think this is only one of its range.

3. Microsoft SilverLight - Another Gem from microsoft

Now Gaming Areas

1. An amazine games from the Microsoft  - I mean there is hardly any unfortunate who is not played Age of Empires.

2. Xbox - No introduction required


Microsoft also engage in the hardware department.
1. Keyboard, mouse development

If I missed some points please suggest.

Now come to another giant Google

1. For what is Google - A brilliant Search engine, A zillions customers relay on
1. Android - A giant player in market who tremendously moving ahead. Millions customer and still count increasing.
2. Cloud Computing -  Google drive, A better place to share a document s and update it simultaneously by a working group.
3. Email Sending - Gmail a renounced mail account, probably most used tool for email sending. Better synchronization with another app such as calender, contacts.
4. Web browser - Chrome, widely used web browser.
5. YouTube - a most widely used application to watch online videos.
6. Maps - one of the better online map which are available today. About to guineas map application which are fill with every smaller details. A trustworthy map application.

Social Media Application

1. Google+
2. Google News.
3. Photos

Mobile Development

- android Application and Google Play.
- Different Android operating systems

New Ideas and works

- A Google's driver less car - A good effort towards the new Idea.

If I missed some points please suggest.
There is neck to neck fight between these two, very hard to predict about who can win. To be very frank, we cant even predict their direction of progress to predict the winner.

Now why I feel competition will be held between these 2

1. Apples product are still beyond the range of average customer.
2. Less User friendliness  - like e.g we can only add songs through the Itunes, which requires special efforts .
3. Microsoft and Google offers the services which customer need frequently on daily basis like Email accounts, Cloud storage, Office suits, Exchanging songs, videos from one device to another, Software developers need web browsers to inspect consoles, HTML, and many service,

At Free or very low costs. They are provide Necessary facilities instead of luxury.
5. Isolated Applications. most Applications which are provided by the Google or Microsoft are easily accessible to any environment.  but we need a Mac env to access it features. which makes it isolated.
6. Android is a factor,who reached to every average customer, implant the Smartphone idea to them at very low cost who eliminated need of Apple products. Ipohe, Ipod now become only status symbol.
7. Cost  - Each and every product is asking high amount which are beyond the capacity of 80% customers thats why Micromax, Assus, lenovo , Motorola become giant player in terms of smartphones.
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