Who lives in South Africa?


A troubled people with a horrible past but people nonetheless.

They are broken down into a racial majority that is divided into 9 different ethnic groups and a minority that is divided into two main ethnic groups.

There is also another two communities that are invisible but still large and vibrant that so happens to be of multiracial, Khoisan and Asian origin whose cuisine and culture are still seen as an integral part of the South African nation.

There are still a few more of Indigenous descent that still ekes out a living in the deserts despite many more claiming a bloodline from them and their assimilated ilk.

They number over 50 million and aren't going to slow down despite the huge challenges that stands in their way.

They know what they had to endure thus are willing to use their experience to teach others far and wide.

They may be diverse and far removed from the rest of Africa in many ways, but they still see themselves as Africans.

These people aren't evil but they are reserved, modest and resilient regardless of origin.

All they ask is to be recognized as Africans on their own terms.

They are the people of South Africa.

No seriously, we are a legitimate group of people. Whoever intends on trolling, please stop or you will risk losing quite a bit through humiliation and shame.

We are very straightforward bunch, which makes our rebuttals hard to survive.

Well, I do. Me along with most of the people that made my life an amazingly crazy and exciting experience. I was born in 1985, and just around the time I started caring about what's going on around me, historic aspirations came to fruition. We had to move forward in a world that our parents were not allowed access to. Our mentors were inexperienced and we had to navigate uncertain paths and pioneer a new way of thinking. I had a life full of adventure that not many people around the world could comprehend, something that was provided to my generation was openness to vision and we have been using it with no boundaries. Great minds of this country are of this generation and will soon make their marks on the world, yet somewhere out there someone seems unsure of the fact that people even live here. Great question bruh

Who lives in South Africa, seems like a silly question as the obvious answer is South Africans. Note that there are a few famous South Africans of many cultural backgrounds.

I Videsh Boodu along with almost 53000000 other South Africans live here.

A strong, resilient, and beautiful people who (with some exceptions) want their nation to progress and prove to the world that their past does not define them, and that they can build a united society, a true rainbow nation as Nelson Mandela.

Our past is difficult but triumphant, we oppressed each other, but we ended that shameful period and proved to the world that South Africa stands united in the cause of equality. This unity has started to diminish, but I think it's still there. We all still want that rainbow nation, and it's attainable. just need to work together for it.

We are a people somehow both scarred and proud of our past all at once. We are South Africans.

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