Who survived being in the Bermuda Triangle?

As the others note, the whole thing is a fiction. Literally.

Back around 1974, a fellow named Charles Berlitz wrote a book called The Bermuda Triangle where he detailed dozens of sinkings, lost aircraft, and similar phenomena which he attributed to various things including the presence of "Atlantis" beneath the waves at this location.

Berlitz was also an Atlantis believer, was fond of Aliens, the "Philadelphia Experiment", and other nonsense.

The book achieved some popularity and spawned dozens of movies and TV episodes including an X-Files episode.... But it was full of fabrications and lies. Critics and skeptics pointed out that the accident rate in the "triangle" was no more than in any other similarly-trafficked body of water anywhere in the world.

Further, Berlitz simply lied. He would list ships as "sunk" which had actually simply been sold and re-named, and he'd take sinking incidents that occurred outside of the area and indicate they had occurred inside.... That sort of thing.

Still, like all good lies, it made more interesting reading than the dull old truth and thus the notion of the "Devil's Triangle" persists to this day along with much other long-since-debunked nonsense.

I have flown over the Bermuda Triangle numerous times when I lived in Bermuda for five years without any problems whatsoever. Tens of thousands of crafts, both sea fairing and airborne travel through the Bermuda Triangle every year without incident. Statistically the Great Lakes Triangle has more disappearances each year than the Bermuda Triangle. In both cases the majority of vanishings are easily explained by severe weather, which both regions experience.

Me; been through it more times than I can remember. It's a myth, nothing more. Ships don't even bother checking if they are in it, unless they want to scare someone gullible on board, like a first trip cadet or one of the wives!

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