Who was India's worst Prime Minister?

Ok , I will try to give ratings to all PM who served India from worse to best. Worst at Top .... Best at bottom.

  1. Ch Charan Singh
  2. Chandra Shekhar
  3. V P Singh
  4. Morarji Desai
  5. I K Gujral
  6. H D Devegowda
  7. Rajiv Gandhi
  8. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  9. Manmohan Singh
  10. Indira Gandhi
  11. PV Narasimha Rao
  12. Narendra Modi
  13. L B Shastri
  14. A B Vajpayee

Not Considered Mr Gulzari Lal Nanda as he was acting PM.

Reasons for this ranking :-

Why Charan Singh worst ?

He never faced parliament as PM. PM with shortest tenure and no work to his credit. In short he did nothing remarkable as PM. No decisions , nothing. He was used to bring down Morarji government ( first non-congress government ever in India). He was lured by Congress specially Sanjay Gandhi and later support was just pulled out . He never faced parliament as PM. All PM's except him did something.

ChandraShekhar ( Another Charan Singh .....)

Similar to Charan Singh , Chandra Shekhar also used and lured by Congress to bring down V P Singh Government. Remember he had only 64 MP's but still he became PM. He was not able to present budget as well. In 1991 Indian economy saw its worst time. Foreign reserves were at record low. In fact he was not able to deliver anything.

VP Singh( The divider......)

VP Singh brought corruption as issue in general election and he formed government with BJP support.

  1. In order to contain DeviLal and BJP he implemented Mandal Report . I am not against reservation , but he tried to infuse divide and rule policy again. As an old congressman he knew all tactics to rule by dividing. He should have implemented in phases. He just wanted to take political advantage.
  2. In his regime economy started getting worse which even get more worse in his successor rule ( Chandrasekhar's Regime)
  3. India joined the global list of 'debt defaulters'.
  4. Release of Terrorists , despite objection from JK government after Home Minister's daughter kidnap.

He was excellent Finance minister but as PM he failed completely.

MorarJi Desai ( Finally he became PM, at last ..........)

He tried so hard to become PM once in 1964 and next time in 1966. Both time he failed . Once he lost to Mr Shastri ( which I feel was good decision for India) for PM post. Second time he lost to Indira Gandhi in 1966 ( Which I feel again was a good decision for India).

The main reason for putting him in top 5 worst PM is because he compromised national security. He was over friendly with Pakistan , destroyed RAW network stopped funds to RAW. Informed all this to his Pakistani counterpart. We are still seeing effects of this. Although he got highest civil award of Pakistan but that came at big cost.

I K Gujral ( Another Compromise PM )

He was also forced PM to India. Although he tried to improve relation with Pakistan bu his own Gujaral Doctrine but some of his decisions looks very silly to me as PM, which proves that he was puppet PM.

  1. Controversially transferred the CBI director Joginder Singh, who was investigating the case against Lalu Yadav, and replaced him with R C Sharma
  2. Forced Presidential rule on UP in 1997. That was very sad day for Indian democracy.

Below mentioned PM's did something for country.........Salute to all of them

HD Deve Gowda ( A sleeping and a compromise PM.....)

He was compromise PM at 1996 but to his credit there are few things like

  1. full utilization of Karnataka's right over Krishna river
  2. Green Card to 65 lakh families. The poor got rice at Rs. 3.25 perk.g.
  3. National Agro Policy..
  4. Shifting HAL airport from Bengaluru to Devanahalli. This was great decision
  5. Farakka water issue talks with Bangla PM .

Rajiv Gandhi ( Dynasty at its best)

The only qualification he had when he sworn in was his family. He was son of Indira Gandhi therefore he should be PM, thats weird logic but in 1984 he was able to secure 400 + seats and have big big majority in lower house. He was young , he tried to bring new technologies which was good. He did some accords like Assam Accord , Longewal Accord.Telecom revolution was one more thing to his credit. Some of his blunders / bad decisions are :-

  1. Over appeasement ( Shah-Bano case , Handling of Ayodhya temple issue)
  2. Peace keeping force decision to contain LTTE in Sri Lanka.
  3. Warren Anderson Release.
  4. Irrelevant statements like " Jab Bada per Girta hai to......"

Jawahar Lal Nehru ( PM forced by Mahatma Gandhi)

First PM , did many good things to India like giving dams, IIT's , IIM's , 5 year plan , Indus water treaty , States formation , Infrastructure development etc. He tried to become world leader and due to his short-sightness he took some decisions which Indians are still facing like :-

Kashmir Issue , India - China diplomatic blunder , granted special status to Kashmir.

Manmohan Singh ( Yes Madam .....)

He is the one who has image of "Yes Madam". Sonia Gandhi was considered as Super PM in his tenure. He did some best thing for country. He ruled for 2 terms , and I must say his first term was good but his second term was blunder. Some of his achievements of his first terms are :-

1. GDP growth rate.

2. SEZ Act, 2005.

3. NREGA, 2006

4. RTI Act, 2005

5. Modernization of Mumbai and Delhi Airport, 2007

7. Mobile Penetration in India.

Thus, UPA- I has been very good.

But, their second tenure changed everything. Many corruption case reported. Congress came back to its old form like they are default rulers of this country. Scams like :-

Coal Scam , 2G Scam , CWG Scam , Robert Vadra etc.......

Indira Gandhi ( Durga........)

She neutralized her opposition , whosoever opposed her were shown their way. She ruled with full authority. She shown courage. Some of her good decisions are :-

  1. 1971 Bangladesh Liberation
  2. Bank Nationalization
  3. Shimla peace accord in 1972
  4. Operation Smiling Buddha ( First Pokhran tests)
  5. Equal pay for equal work for men and women
  6. Ended the privy purse given to royalty

There were few bad decisions by her like Emergency which shook the Indian democracy to its core.

Mr PV Narasimha Rao ( The Savior)

I put him on top 4 because he took our country out from economic stability , took great steps like globalization. The reason I put him in top 4 because when he became PM India was alomost on verge of economic collapse. He handled things very well. There were instability in NE , Punjab and please don't forget he was leading minority government.

Mr Narendra Modi ( More you hate him , more he will grow)

I have already written much about him. Read my earlier answers like :-

Did Modi deliver to his potential given the sweeping mandate he received?

What good has Modi done till this day? In what areas should he focus more until the elections and after that?

Mr L B Shastri ( The Honest )

He was honest , down to earth PM. He led India in 1965 war and he dared to attack via Lahore opening international front. His time India was dependent on USA and western countries for food and necessary things. He led Key initiatives like Green Revolution , White revolution. He was good leader and good human. I have great respect for Mr Shastri.

Mr A B Vajpayee ( The Orator)

Many people may argue about my choice of best PM ever, but remember when he was PM , India was not much stable. Politically , Infrastructure wise and economically too. He continued Manmohan -Rao Economic policies which resulted good economic growth. Some of his achievements are :-

Pokhran Tests

Pakistan Diplomacy

Kargil War

Telecom Revolution

Foreign Policies.

Huge Infrastructure projects.

The reason why I chose his as best PM because of him. He led a coalition of 24 parties. Most of those parties supported BJP because of his leadership , not because of his party. He was liked by everyone. He was first BJP PM and at one point of time it was very hard to believe that one day BJP will rule this country. With Atalji rule BJP gained much votes and confidence of people.

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