Who was the coolest cop you've ever had an encounter with?

It was back in the late 70″s. A bunch of us had been drinking keg beer. When the 2nd keg ran out a day later we all left. I was pulled over about 10 minutes later. The officer asked me for my drivers licence. He then asked me how much I had to drink. I knew I didn't have any empty containers in my vehicle so I told him none. He said well I can have you get out of the car and do a sobriety test or you can tell me how much you've had to drink. I told him I I'd drank the better part of two kegs. He asked me if I was going home. I said yes, we ran out of beer. He handed back my license and told me to have a safe trip.

How long does one live on dialysis without kidneys?

Many factors are taken into account to answer that question. The answer is it begins with your general health and the reason your kidneys are not functioning. It also can depend on whether you are able to accept a kidney transplant Generally,

What are the food items one must eat while visiting Canada?

It's been many years since I've been north of the border, but I still recall the best meal I ate while in this wonderful country.I was on a guided day-long fishing trip, and about midway through we stopped for "shore lunch." The guide landed our boat on a granite island and started a driftwood fire. Once the fire