Who was the king in India 1400 years ago?

It's difficult to put a finger on the exact year for one and for the other, there was no India back then. Answering this based on the assumption that the OP is referring to the ruler of the landmass of modern India. The problem is that there were various rulers if you consider different parts of modern India.

Around the 6th century CE we see the decline of the Hephthalite (Eastern Huns) king Mihirakula. The Huns ruled from Persia to central India (with their capital as Bamiyan in modern Afghanistan). It is believed that Mihirakula's kingdom stretched upto Gwalior in central India. Though he was driven back to Kashmir by the Gupta king Narasimhagupta, the Guptas never regained their past glory.

At the eve of the 7th century, this is what India looked like.

Does Steve Wozniak still hold Apple stock?

Of course, he's stated in several interviews and even on his own webpage that he's a lifetime Apple employee and has always held on to at least some Apple stock during the whole time. He's not nearly as rich as Jobs though, since the Woz gave a lot of his stock away:"By his own account, Woz

When should I move to a new state with small kids ages 9 and 11?

You should move within a year or sooner or they will have already become 10 and 12.

What's the real reason Democrats and liberals oppose voter ID laws? Doesn't it make sense for the security of election results?

What's the real reason Republicans and conservatives want to impose onerous voting requirements that would have the effect of discouraging voters, especially poor and minority voters, and suppressing turnout? People don't seriously believe that elections are plagued with fraud.For those who care about facts, no study has found evidence of significant voter