Who will win: Thanos, Avengers or Galactus?

Well it all depends on scenarios I'm going to mention

Alright if thanos has Infinity gauntlet than it's an easy win for thanos as both galactus and avengers will be defeated by thanos with IG without breaking a sweat as thanos in possession of IG is third most powerful character after one above all and Living tribunal galactus and other cosmic entities are no match for him

How many matches did Sachin Tendulkar lose?

A single player doesn't win or lose , its the team which wins or loses .Well, in ODI, Sachin played 463 matches in that blue jersey while representing India,out of those India won 234 ( I repeat India won, the matches abandoned, tied, no results, drawn are not included), this is

How would a space elevator benefit us?

Currently it costs about $6000 per kilo to reach orbit.In theory, a space elevator might cut that cost to about $10.   In effect it solves the problem of living at the bottom of a gravity well, and makes getting into space almost free.  (Although the insurance premiums on the