Who will win in a fight between hancock and thor?

Whenever someone comes up with a versus question, that person usually prefers one over the other as a winner. I don't know if this is what you were looking for and you may not agree with my conclusion but here's my side of the coin.

Straight to powers and shit...

Hancock: He has superhuman strength and is considered as a GOD
                  Can see thousands of miles away
                  Can fly faster than the speed of light
                  Is invulnerable to almost any attack
                  Has Superhuman Reflexes
                  Can not be killed under any circumstances.

Thor:    He too has inhumane strength.
              Controls thunder and lightning, hence known as the 'God Of Thunder'
              He has the almighty 'Mj√∂lnir' capable of leveling mountains                                     
              Almost  no one can lift his hammer
              Can resist even the most powerful attack
              His hammer enables him to fly.

Conclusion: Hancock will win this fight. Thor is powerful, powerful enough to match his  moves but after a period of time Thor will lose his edge in this fight. Hancock has no limits, he has only one weakness that to, when he is near his love interest. Remove that and he is invincible but Thor has been beaten many times in comics. So I think Hancock wins this match.

Both kind of have the same powers but Thor has the Mjolnir to help him and he is a god.

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