Who would win, Alien X vs Genis-Vell (Earth-616)?

I assume you mean Insane Genis-Vell. The one that killed Eternity. In that case Alien-X has no chance. Zero. Nil.

Indeed, Alien-X is powerful. In his universe he is even considered omnipotent, but this feat is wanked by Ben-10 fans (are they even real?) way to much. First, of all, in a battle situation, Alien-X is very unhelpful. You have to force the two heads to agree, which is a time consuming and irritating action. Then they act. You have to do this for every single action! When fighting an opponent as strong as Genis-Vell time is a luxury you don't have.

Look how long it takes him to get Alien-X to restore a universe.

Alien X mega stomp.
Recreate an universe with a thought.
Some are saying it took a lot of time which is bullshit.
Because the cartoon want to show us How Alien X is recreating the universe.
ALIEN X IS OMNIPOTENT.(omnipotent means can do anything in Ben 10)
In this universe means in this franchise.
We all know other franchise characters can't do anyshit on another franchise charaters.
Celestialsapien redesigned entire franchise for multiple times.
Also another celestialsapien cannot beat Another Celestialsapien directly to beat a celestialsapien you have to put them into making more decisions which will make them motionless because they will be busy to argue.This is How Ben did against Galactic Gladiator.
Please don't compare Atomic X to Alien X.
Alien X is infinitly stronger than Atomic X.Upbig(Up chuck+waybig) vastly weaker than Waybig.Fusion does not divided powers.They take some amount of power from both aliens.Taking some amount of power from Infinite is finite.Aggregor want to absorb a baby Alien X.Aggregor absorpation do not take some amount of power it divided it.Osmasion get 1/10th power of aliens.However dividing infinite would be infinite that's why paradox said If aggregor absorb the baby he would become omnipotent
Fusion take some amount of power from
Both aliens with both togethet it become more powerful than one Alien.Atomic X more powerful than Atomix & infinitly weaker than Alien X.
Celestialsapiens redesigned omniverse also it's 26 dimensional.

What kind of people will succeed in life?

Warren Buffet gives a lot of talks to students.He only asks them one question and then goes to Q.A. directly.

How many people believe in homoeopathy?

Many people do believe in homeopathic medicine and many people think it as sham, varied people have varied opinions.Those who have tried homoeopathy and got treated by it obviously will believe in it and many who even after taking months of treatment from unprofessional doctor doesn't